This review on Kanojo Okarishimasu Chapter eleven contains spoilers. If you don't want to have a bad time, it is better that you watch this episode and then enjoy this review.

Kanojo Okarishimasu

Chapter 11: Truth and Bride

Sumi's looks made things pretty interesting. After Chizuru Kazuya asked for help, however, it seemed a little quieter Kanojo Okarishimasu pulled his best ace out of his sleeve: Mama. At about the hour, Mommy discovered the secret of Chizuru and Kazuya. Obviously, Chizuru is a boy who declares war on her, and certainly some kind of favor. Not everything is actually a disaster, after all, Chizuru will soon be leaving this profession to follow her dream of becoming an actress. Will this be the end of your false relationship with Kazuya? Hopefully comes the statement we've been waiting for.

ยฉ ๅง”ๅ“กไผš ๅณถ ็คผ ๅ ใƒป ่ฌ› ่ซ‡ ็คพ ๏ผ ใ€Œๅฝผๅฅณ ใ€ ใŠ ๅ€Ÿ ๅ€Ÿ ใ‚Š ใ— ใพ ใ™ใ€ ใ€่ฃฝไฝœ ่ฃฝไฝœ

There is no evil that lasts a hundred years

There is no evil that lasts a hundred years or a body that can endure it and The truth always comes out It is said that we ever managed to verify this. Chizuru has a dream to come true and knows exactly how to do it. Her determination was so great that she is now one step away from reaching him. Her job as a hire bride was just a practice job that also helped her find the means to pursue her true passion. We don't know about her, but what we are certain of is that her relationship with Kazuya is beyond fiction. On the other hand, we also knew that sooner or later its secret would come to light, the question is whether it is in the right hands. Mom feels a strong ego and I'm sure she won't sit idly by.

ยฉ ๅง”ๅ“กไผš ๅณถ ็คผ ๅ ใƒป ่ฌ› ่ซ‡ ็คพ ๏ผ ใ€Œๅฝผๅฅณ ใ€ ใŠ ๅ€Ÿ ๅ€Ÿ ใ‚Š ใ— ใพ ใ™ใ€ ใ€่ฃฝไฝœ ่ฃฝไฝœ

The consequences of this discovery will not be enough to keep us on screen. I very much doubt the ending will save the fate of this anime. The truth is they set the uncertainty necessary to reach the end. Sumi's appearance was natural, and the story arc from this chapter doesn't feel forced. Each character did their job, although not very elaborate, they worked for the story. Sustaining a lie is exhausting, but we've seen the affective bond that has grown between the main characters and how indirectly each has contributed to the other.

Love is a very exploitable resource. More than a romantic love story Kanojo Okarishimasu Being was awarded for promoting safety and superficial exposure of the problems of low self-esteem. Although life is more complex, this type of anime ridicules whatever we do wrong and this helps us clear ourselves up, or not necessarily. We can only wait until the end.

ยฉ ๅง”ๅ“กไผš ๅณถ ็คผ ๅ ใƒป ่ฌ› ่ซ‡ ็คพ ๏ผ ใ€Œๅฝผๅฅณ ใ€ ใŠ ๅ€Ÿ ๅ€Ÿ ใ‚Š ใ— ใพ ใ™ใ€ ใ€่ฃฝไฝœ ่ฃฝไฝœ

Final conclusions from Kanojo Okarishimasu

As I said, let's wait until the end and finish with what this anime left us with. At the moment the teachings were not many and their entertainment was not little. We are one step away from the goal and the uncertainty has grown. Mom will act, we don't know exactly what she wants, but I know it will be a mess. Disaster could end Chizuru's dreams. I'm sure Mommy's conditions will affect Chizuru's relationship with Kazuya. This will be the ending that could set the course for a second season; After all, it has stayed in the top 4 most popular anime of the season. There's little to wait, but that's not over yet, so let's get to the end.


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