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Chapter 16: Yor's Kitchen

Yor has her toughest mission yet, otherwise her family's life and her dignity as a wife will be in jeopardy. Goal: learn to cook. A few colleagues help her, even if one of them reluctantly. Afraid of what their cymbals might do, they call their brother Yuri. The first two attempts are fatal, although Yuri finds it delicious. After the failure, an idea comes to remember the taste of his mother's food. If it runs, an acceptable dish comes out. At Casa Forger, dining is a treat, but what follows… NO.

Opinion of the "mini-chapter"

In this family, and depending on the context, the "traditional" family roles are fulfilled, for which Yor must be able to cook and fulfill her role as the mother of the family. She's aware of that, she also knows that she can kill her family at some point if she doesn't cook well. I missed Yor's more active participation, although not in that way, but I found the chapter the funniest and added substance to its story. That is, our beloved assassin has changed at work, he is perceived positively, and not like before. This is first.

The second thing is that we get to learn a bit more about his past (although I don't know if this is canon, I haven't read the manga and it seemed like a filler chapter, although that's not a bad thing because it is entertaining). The funniest part seemed to me when Yuri ate the food and said it was delicious and he was about to die. The two companions were good supporting characters with identities and meaning, especially the young lady who manages to get Yor to season her food well based on the memories of the palate of the mother's kitchen that no longer existed. This first half is very good.

Chapter 16.2: Informant love

Franky, the informant, has fallen in love and would like to ask such a lady out on a date. He enlists the help of Loid, who helps him by disguising himself as her so he can practice the dialogue and not screw it up. When the time comes, Franky is determined and... On the street, he meets the Forger family out for a walk, where Anya finds out what happened and Loid suspects things didn't go well. Franky asks in a bar for the cheapest possible alcohol and suddenly a very expensive drink comes, the waiter tells him it's from the gentleman next door, it's Loid. The two work together to attempt to kill the informant's wound.

Opinion of the "mini-chapter"

Franky isn't a main character but he's very important to the progression of the plot, giving him a half where he's the protagonist seems nice to me. I wish this had been the first, I feel like Yor's role overshadows Franky's role due to the comedy and the role of the protagonist. Anyway, we need to see how the informant tastes and learn about specific things he does when he doesn't have to give missions. Falling in love is inevitable and we don't want to spoil the moment by asking out, unfortunately cancellation is always an option. Franky was turned down and the attention Loid has is nice, even though he's a spy I think he considers him a friend. Anyway, I'm just going to paraphrase something Franky said that I (and possibly several others) identify with: No partner and no money.

I expected them to continue the story, although I'm not uncomfortable with this interlude. I usually see SpyxFamily Mainly because of Anya, but this chapter was nice enough that I didn't mind her little presence. I think that in the next yes or yes the story will continue. Finally Franky reminded me of my happiness, I'm going to cry until next week.

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