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Megami no Café Terrace - Chapter 2: A Promise with Grandma

Having decided to reopen the cafeteria and with the fact that they will now be sharing the house, Hayato she wants to share the housework among everyone, but none of the girls is enthusiastic about it. Since these tasks were always done by the grandmother Sachiko. In the end, with the participation of shiragicu and mentions the possibility that the grandmother died prematurely from the burden of housework, all the girls help out with the cleaning. When a problem occurs Hayato Try hanging clothes, including their underwear.

Before we can reopen the cafeteria, Hayato He wants to do a pre-opening as he can't be sure if the place will work without first trying the coffee preparations. After years of watching her grandmother Hayato He is confident in his preparation but the result is miserable. Be a coffee they can't sell. So he starts practicing, meets with Akane, who initially scolded him for the taste of coffee. When she learns that her grandmother taught her how to cook it, she asks her to teach her how to make it.

The next day, Hayato in company of Riho They make courtesy calls to the suppliers to inform them of the decision to reopen the cafeteria. However, the little communication and involvement of Hayato in them makes them uncomfortable to be saved in each of them Riho. At the end of the day there is a final visit to the local temple, a tradition the grandmother did. is where Riho take the opportunity to rebuke Hayato for his lack of determination to run and entertain the cafeteria.

Megami no Cafe Terrace - Chapter 2

Family members

In Megami no cafe terrace - Chapter 2 revealed a bit more details about the characters, especially the heroines. Practically saying his conception, his age and "profession". Something that in some cases led to unknowns.

First of all, the mature and serious aura of Akane You made me believe that she would be the greatest of them all. However, this is not the case, instead it has the approximate age of the protagonist. Although in the end the fact that he's younger than I imagined hasn't changed my perception of the character so far. In fact, now I see more possible than his'hustler' either because of family harassment from being in a band.

The one that most caught my attention among all the heroines was the case of Me, the youngest of them all and the only one still in high school. Her behavior certainly made her feel underage, but I didn't believe that to the extent. Mainly because of the hypothetical reason that could be behind what Me You don't live with your parents. While there are many ways to explain this, many of them are cliche (e.g. that your family is abroad/in another city for work). Honestly, I now have some hope of seeing backstory drama and character development.


About the other heroines, they were exactly how I imagined. Be Riho And shiragicu the older ones, at least in the previous episode shiragicu drank alcohol and it seemed so Riho He was the one who got it.

By the way, after seeing a little more of the personality Riho In Megami no cafe terrace - Chapter 2 I have to accept that I like the character more now. The one who was right with Hayato (both by scolding him and by giving him fan service) was something I really liked about the character. Also, I found it interesting to see that the temple visit was used in this way to provide clues as to his possible relationship with the protagonist.

Which I also think showed a bit more the more "adult" touch the plot will have, which mostly relates to the moments ecchi/fan servicesince they are not just happy coincidences, but also caused by the characters themselves.

So far these are my favourites Akane And Rihoas I believe they will be the proactive ones to turn to Hayato. Something I've always liked about the characters, and in these cases even more harem. At least one harem From sheer indecisiveness and/or shyness, I just feel like they're making a boring load on their respective series.

the nature of the protagonist

from the beginning Megami no cafe terraceThe protagonist Hayato I found him annoyed by his immature personality and mentality. Even though it's only the second episode of the anime adaptation and quite early in it, I feel like I don't see a future for the character. At least a development that represents a big change in it in a short time.

I accept that it has this "more mature" touch and it comes from the term "princess' in ecchi situations. However, it's also not as if he's completely immune to them, showing nervousness and embarrassment when directly attacked by them. like flirting Akane or the 'service' from Riho In Megami no cafe terrace – Chapter 2. Finally, I prefer this kind of attitude in the protagonist of a harem/ecchi as one who blushes at the slightest approach of the heroines.

Despite the fact that this benefits the character, his certain lack of finesse, ignorance, and arrogance are things that for me are overemphasized in the character. Of course, this may help future character development as well, but for now Hayato I find it quite annoying.

Production Details for Megami no Café Terrace - Chapter 2

Just as I remembered and suspected, the animation quality was of Megami no cafe terrace it's a bit uneven. There are moments when the character design with odd proportions strikes me as unusual. On top of that, the fluidity of the movement is something that also remains acceptable in my opinion, there are moments with better fluidity and others where it's a bit robotic. For example in Megami no cafe terrace – Chapter 2 is the scene of the approach of Akane To Hayato Before I teach him how to make coffee, I feel that the movement of Akane it's pretty flat. I will avoid talking about animation quality in the future unless it's really relevant like a dive or a huge climb.

Of course, the anime also has its moments to shine in terms of animation and I personally think that's where they focus everything fan service. Good character quality and very little censorship. After all, moments of Me And Ouka naked in the bathroom, censorship limited to hair and/or rays of light. Some quite thin compared to other productions. I think the studio is doing a great job in this area. One that will always be an important point in the end ecchi and for which the genre sells. And right now I didn't feel any of the moments fan service how forced, perhaps closest was the one who Hayato see underwear Ouka on the stairs, but that's only because it's cliche.

Megami no Cafe Terrace - Chapter 2

He End "Dramatic (ドラマチック)", interpreted by Miki SatouI thought it was good for the series. Maybe with a slightly calmer rhythm, which made me feel more appropriate for an anime piece of life what a harem/ecchi. So I still prefer those opening as my favorite subject of this animated adaptation.

By the way, the scene shiragicu try to be casual Hayato I felt it as a "filler" in the episode. In other series, such moments would have been shown as a simple transition image between scenes. I imagine they took advantage of this to be able to adjust the chapter's duration and end at the point where they did.

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