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Megami no Café Terrace - Chapter 1: Family

After the death of his grandmother Hayato Kasukabe He returns with her to his former home, which is an old diner. With the keys of the place Hayato enter without problems and see the current status of both constructions. While he was resting, he was surprised by a pink haired girl in her underwear, leaving both of them surprised. Given the situation Hayato He walks around the house and meets other girls there, all scantily clad. Being intercepted and knocked unconscious by one of them.

tied hand and foot, Hayato He has a meeting with the five girls he saw in the house. Ouka, Me, Akane, shiragicu And Riho They work in the canteen and live in the house. However, the plans Hayato for the place where they tear it down and build a parking garage. The girls have a meeting at the beach to talk about what they can do since none of them can move, so they decide to use different plans to try to win him over or smack him with the results blackmail. failure in each of them.

The next day they are visited by two men who inspect the constructions and give an approximate price Hayato what it would cost to demolish the house. But part of him still wants this place. benefit from Ouka prepare you'pilaf', the only food Grandma taught her to eat Sachiko Kasukabe. Remembering the moments he spent with his grandmother, Hayato examines the cafeteria's ledgers and finds that they are mostly in the red. But he wants to put off the demolition, now he will manage the house for a year and if it doesn't work out he will go ahead with his original plan to convert it into a parking garage. Somewhat undecided, the five girls accept this and stay in the house that they now share with a man.

Megami no Cafe Terrace - Chapter 1

The new "fifth goddesses"?

Adapted from the manga by Kouji Seosenseithe history of "Megami no cafe terrace' follows five girls living in a house while their lives are interrupted by the sudden appearance of a boy. Although it is true that it seems to me that the work has many similarities to another, the truth is that I do not believe that it is a "copy". Maybe pure inspiration. But for now I will try not to compare both works as much as possible.

Well, what makes interesting Megami no cafe terrace? First of all with the genera of harem And ecchiI think the question answers itself. However, the way both genres are handled in the story for me is what defines to me whether the work is well done or just feels forced, like they want one exploit popular trend. Something I think happens a lot with the genre isekaiwhich is the main reason it gets so generic, full of clichés and even boring more than once.

In the end my taste for the combined genres of harem And ecchi I was brought in hoping to see story and character development that would prop me up. And not only that, like in other cases, I only wanted to see the design of the female characters from the anime. and after seeing Megami no cafe terrace - Chapter 1 I have some hopes that it will turn out well overall.


Just to note that the information I have about the manga is pretty limited. I'm really sure that I haven't read enough to know all the material that they might adapt in the 12 episodes of the anime. While I'll certainly get to that point before it's adapted since it's a 100+ chapter manga, I don't expect a direct confession. Hints only.

About the development of haremI hope they take a more mature/mature path and not a clichéd one like the vast majority of the genre because it's usually all about high school characters.

The meaning of family

One of the things that drew me to the storyline is seeing how it conveys the meaning of "Family' for characters. After all, none of them have blood ties to each other. But I personally don't think it's necessary to see someone else as a family member. I hope the way they treat the subject is different for each of the characters and shows different perspectives and perceptions of it. In some cases create friction. A point that would help for me to develop the characters and/or the plot. But it is still too early to consider such an event mandatory.

For now, I quickly focus on the brief portrayal of the characters and confess that the protagonist Hayato I found him quite irritated. Treating a place like his when it really isn't (even if it was inherited, he wasn't the one who built it), having a rather closed-minded idea of ​​money. Overall I found it very childish even though I was a student. So I'm hoping for the most development from him. Because at this point I find his character just annoying.

The heroines feel less involved than Hayato In Megami no cafe terrace – Chapter 1, so I limit myself to describing my first impressions of them. Ouka Makuzawa It seems to me that he is trying to be responsible, but at the same time I have the feeling that he feels guilty about something. The seijuu what gives him a voice is Ruruko Aoki: baby one mine ("Komi-san cannot communicate"), Riina Tada ("The [email protected] Cinderella girl"), air groove ("Uma Musume: Nice derby"), etc.

From Ami Tsuruga I feel like all his energy comes from not wanting to show others that he's down. Trying to hide one's true feelings, creating a "mask" that would be nice to others. Sayumi Suzushiro is his seijuu: Nijika Ijichi ("Bocchi the Rock!"), Ke Shirogane ("Kaguya-sama: Love is war"), Uruka Takemoto ("Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai!"), etc.

Megami no Cafe Terrace - Chapter 1

Around Akane Hoouuji I feel like she's the most mature of all the characters as she's had a lot more experience than the others. I have a feeling he had a family feud because he wanted to be/stay in a band (typical rich family cliché). who votes is Asami Seto: Raphtalia ("Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari"), Mai Sakurajima ("Seishun Buta Yarou"), alpha ("The Eminence in the Shadows"), etc.

shiragiku ono She's the one that strikes me as the most mysterious and very soon reveals her secret of being a pervert with a fetish for smells. Now I only see her as a wolf in sheep's clothing. Although I have a feeling he won't show his true colors very often. At least I hope so. The seijuu what gives him a voice is Azumi Waki: Nagisa Minase ("Kanojo mo Kanojo"), Rem Galleu ("Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu"), maika sakuranomiya ("Mixture S"), etc.

Finally, Riho Tsukishima She's the one I found most annoying out of the five protagonists. With a somewhat malicious personality, trying to quickly get rid of the intruder in her quiet life reminded me of a certain character who ended up having the best development of his work and becoming the main competitor for the protagonist (and the one who should have won). . So I hope his character has a good development and/or background. Aya Yamane is responsible for voting: Secelia dowry ("Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch of Mercury"), ruhuyu ("Show by Rock!!"), Jin Mazama ("die! Seton Gakuen"), etc.

Incidentally, three of the five protagonists can definitely be compared to the famous quintuplets. Something I hope will go away as the episodes progress. My favorite is so far Akaneand only by his voice.

Technical details of Megami no Café Terrace

The animated adaptation of "Megami no cafe terrace' runs the studio Tezuka Productions. Who also has animes like the first season of "Kanojo mo Kanojo", "AstroBoy", "Dororo', and of course the first season of 'Gotoubun no Hanayome", to name a few. Despite this, the animation quality seems a bit "erratic" to me. Quite good quality moments and others where the flaws become obvious and comical. Finally, one of the moments I remember the most is the studio and remember the first season of The Quintuplets, a scene where Itsuki had a nice designstrange'.

The character design and animation quality I think is the same as the first season of "Gotoubun no Hanayome" And "Kanojo mo Kanojo“. Which I won't deny, I'm a little unsure of how good the series is going to be. However, I applaud you for the work you have shown Megami no cafe terrace – Chapter 1 on the fan service and censorship goes. Although it is true that there was a ray of light that was censored Me, the size was perfectly acceptable in my opinion. Hide what is important and not the entire screen. And only if it was an explicit moment and not in lighter moments like showing underwear. Except that I hope to see an "uncensored" version in the Blu Ray. Something I really appreciate about any anime of the genre ecchi.

Megami no Cafe Terrace - Chapter 1

As for the musicalization, I honestly can't remember any great moments Megami no cafe terrace - Chapter 1. By the way, I don't mean that they were bad either, they were just so average that my brain skipped over them. Of course, since it's just the beginning of the anime, they still have time to put on a great performance.

He opening I thought it was pretty good. Count on the topicUnmei Kyoudoutai! (運命共同体!)“ interpreted by NeriameI think it's perfect for production. Of course, I won't deny that part of me expects to see some sort of alternate version, but sung by the heroines. So far it's my favorite Spring season 2023.

In general I think Megami no cafe terrace It has great potential to be attractive to audiences. However, I don't think I have enough to be one of the best in this field season. Maybe for its genres, but that depends on how well adapted it ends up being. So I don't have high expectations, I just hope it's as entertaining as it sounds.

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