Twenty long years, a reign that now seemed destined to last forever. The hegemony of Kaido and Orochi, who overthrew Oden and the Kozuki clan, completely ruined Wano. Upon arrival, the protagonists of ONE PIECE They witnessed the crisis of an island ravaged by famine and drought, where death meant liberation.

However, the sound of the drums of freedom returned, the awakening of the hito-hito fruit led to Luffy's transformation and a new fight with Kaido. After several action-packed chapters of comedy, the Luffy's final blow eliminated any chance of island captivity: Kaido was officially beaten, as confirmed in ONE PIECE 1050, which devotes a box to announcing the winner. Now the Emperor is underground with Big Mom, surrounded by magma while the island's fire festival is over and Denjiro has arrived to proclaim the island's new leader.

ONE PIECE 1051 will choose Momonosuke as Wano's new shogun. A necessary step to usher in the island's new phase, freed after decades of abuse. The fire festival therefore continues with the announcement of the liberation that will affect everyone in every corner of the island. Certainly, Eiichiro Oda will also address other minor issues that have remained unanswered, such as the presence of the CP0, the status of X-Drake, the World Government ships off the coast, and much more. It will therefore be a transitional chapter to the final act of Wano, which could also end in this weekly episode.

ONE PIECE 1051 will be released on Sunday 5th June 2022 on MangaPlus.

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