One-Punch Man's origins date back over a decade and not into the mind of Yusuke Murata. In fact, the mangaka only took over the management of the project in 2012, while the paternity can be attributed entirely to the work brilliant mangaka ONEthe same one that would spawn Mob Psycho 100 a few years later.

But it wasn't until the production of Yusuke Murata, who turned ONE's webcomic into an actual manga, that the series' popularity came. One-Punch Man remains one of the most iconic manga and anime of all time to this day, with a very different look from the usual hero product. As such, it is now common for every character in One-Punch Man to be cosplayed, both professionally and otherwise.

Tatsumaki, the tornado of terror, is one of the main characters of the One-Punch Man series. Tatsumaki is an S rank hero, so one of the strongest, and this means that he appears very often throughout the story, since they are essential to defeat many monsters. The heroine is known for her sharp and haughty temper, which often makes her unpopular with her fellow heroes, but she is also often known for her petite, almost childlike build. And it is precisely this element that ensures that a cosplayer is taken by storm.

Cosplayer Yuki has decided to do so suggest cosplay tatsumaki with bunny costume, accompanied by another friend who thought instead of reproducing her sister Fubuki. However, Yuki was mistaken for a girl, drawing the ire of the network and One-Punch Man fans. Due to her body, which was very similar to that of her comic counterpart, she was attacked by many on the net Criticism of the fact that "a little girl wore a bunny suit". Of course, Yuki is well past 18 after turning 22.

Meanwhile, Tatsumaki is the focus of the manga with the developments of the last chapters One punch man.

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