There are few souls who manage to overcome the challenges of time unscathed. Among the masterpieces of the 90s, Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most successful animes, although the challenges for the work written and directed by Hideaki Anno were numerous, especially during the initial production. Eventually, however, the characters progressed.

Misato Katsuragi is a key character in Neon Genesis Evangelion. As an officer of NERV, the organization that fights the monsters known as angels that threaten humanity's survival, Misato is portrayed as a strong and determined woman who has lived a difficult life and faced many personal challenges, partly because of the relationship to his father and colleagues, and partly because of the devastation wrought by the monstrous creatures attacking humanity.

Misato is a very strong-willed woman and has a strong personality that drives her to make risky decisions to achieve her goals, especially when it comes to running operations at NERV. Despite this, she is also very sensitive and has a kind side which makes her like it deal with the Evangelion pilots, or the young Shinji, Asuka and Rei. However, the woman is also known for her chaotic lifestyle and her love of beer and food. These traits make her a fun and memorable character, and her unique personality sets her apart from more traditional characters in anime.

It is therefore not alarming to see a large crowd Misato Katsuragi Cosplay on the web, both in the Home version and with the NERV uniform. And Togemesh chose to see it that way, with the red military jacket and tight black skirt. But maybe you can find him accompanied by this Asuka cosplay in the school version.

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