The Egghead saga is about to be full of twists and turns. Eiichiro Oda's manga keeps pushing the gas pedal to bring more and more important characters to the pages of ONE PIECE, which are now the last sagas of the opera. As the Five Stars of Wisdom move, Luffy's crew also remains active.

In the cover adventures, we stick to the past with Caesar Clown, Judge and Queen attacking each other, venting their nature as aggressive scientists. We then move on to the base of Egghead, with ONE PIECE 1074 which brings the Pacifista back to attack. However, this time the robots are more advanced and have more abilities since they are the Mark IIIs. She is led by Sentomaru, who has recovered and has been blindfolded by some of the characters who live there. Meanwhile, Cipher Pol's agents are all captured by the Pacifista army, who must now help Vegapunk escape.

However, the scientist cannot be found in the laboratory. Luffy and Zoro remain in the command center with Rob Lucci and Kaku, still asleep while the others split up to search everywhere for the scientist. Meanwhile, Bonney begins his journey into his father's past with young Kuma Bartholomew, who is being beaten for not wanting to return to a certain place. The girl then emerges from the memories, unable to resist the pain inflicted on her father. Meanwhile, Pythagoras is in an isolated area of ​​the laboratory but is attacked and then an explosion occurs. The early spoilers of ONE PIECE 1074 spoke of a traitor, and that will be revealed in this final phase of Egghead.

In fact, the chapter changes scenery as it ends: Morgans finds out about Vegapunk and Luffy and decides to change the news and say that the pirate kidnapped the scientist. However, the Bibi present there is against it. Wapol is also in the base of the flying newspaper, and it seems that both he and the journalist saved Bibi. However, Morgans doesn't want to hear reasons and says he decides the news. What will happen now in ONE PIECE?

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