Throughout the history of de The attack of the giants We met the normal giants first, the mindless ones who hunted humans to eat, and then some who fall into a group of special giants. These were both in physical appearance and in some characteristics such as: B. certain forces, different.

The colossal giant was huge, the armored giant had thick plates all over its body, and so on. However, some features had remained unknown, and chapter 133 of The Attack of the Giants reveals to us what the true power of the female giant is. The one in Annie's possession has shown a body similar to that of the attack giant, plus the hardening power. However, this latter force has not been innate since then Female giant has copier skills.

By devouring and assimilating body parts of other special giants, he manages to maintain some of their properties. Chances are, before the manga began, Annie devoured part of the armored giant's body and acquired the hardening ability shown later in the story. However, at this point it might be useful to assimilate and copy the power of Falco. Currently a mixture of the giant jaw and the giant beast.

Annie will manage to get her wings out and go to Eren with the others? We'll find out in Attack of the Giants 134.

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