The war began simultaneously on several battlefields. The heroes' strategy served to split the criminal forces and the effects were already visible: in My Hero Academia 353 there was an important victory for morale. However, the Battle with All for Onethe mightiest enemy of all.

Endeavor and Hawks take care of him, but both the strategies and the strength of the villains have gotten them into trouble for now. Indeed, within a few pages, All for One managed to counterattack, seriously injuring the Fire Hero and risking killing Hawks as well if Tokoyami and Jirou hadn't intervened.

THE Two young heroes will also be the focus of My Hero Academia 355. Kohei Horikoshi doesn't miss this opportunity to give the two members some meaning but also allow Endeavor to recover and become part of the main story again. Alone, Hawks really wouldn't be able to withstand the villain's shockwave. However, it is difficult to complete the clash and a strategy is more likely to be implemented while another path begins in parallel in the final pages, with Horikoshi who would return to tell another fight's point of view.

My Hero Academia 355 will be published on MangaPlus Sunday 5 June 2022 at 5 p.m.

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