The unexpected separation from his companions when entering the culling game put Panda in an awkward and rather dangerous situation, from which he was temporarily rescued in chapter 185 Jujutsu Kaisen. A timely intervention that became Kinji Hakari's first major fight.

And it is dedicated precisely to the powerful sorcerer of the third year of Jujutsu High the opening table of chapter 186, where he prepares to hit the opponent with a grin. A violent exchange of blows, with which they burst some containers in Tokyo's second colony and which both of them apparently enjoy. Interested in the competitor he just met and surprised at the ineffectiveness of his energy on him, Hajime Kashimo he asks Kinji's name and introduces himself.

Hakari realizes that this is one of their targets and he feels empowered and is able to withstand Hajime's attacks and hit him with a well-aimed punch. Meanwhile, however, Kashimo manages to charge up and become extremely fast with a single attack, neatly cuts Kinji's left arm. A few moments later, however, Hakari appears with a fully intact arm, the result of immortality guaranteed by the jackpot scored in the Idle Death Gamble introduced in the fight with Charles Bernard. Therefore, thanks to the expansion of his domain, Kinji, although he has not learned certain techniques, cannot be harmed for a limited time.

However, if he could always hit the jackpot, he could continually tap into the domain's expansion, and Collect precious minutes of immortality Roll out Kashimo. The chapter ends with the reactivation of the Hakari expansion.

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