The seas Luffy sails are particularly wild and unsafe, with criminals on every island and ships full of privateers ready to snatch someone else's treasure. These countries are not totally savage, in fact there is an organization responsible for controlling the seas and the judiciary: the ONE PIECE Navy.

Luffy and the others were always involved with the Marines and World Government, particularly during the Marineford War. There are many characters belonging to this group of ONE PIECE that are quite strong, such as the three powerful admirals. However, within the organization there are subgroups like SWORDwhich was revealed only recently thanks to the presence of very important characters.

SWORD includes X-Drake and Koby caliber figures, and the latter, based on the events of ONE PIECE 1080, better explains what the situation of this group is. SWORD is made up of Marines who have given up many of their advantages to move more freely. In particular, these marines can attack the Emperors without first receiving confirmation from the upper levels, but at the same time they cannot call for help, and the marine takes no responsibility for their actions and cuts them off whenever it deems it necessary. You can also choose not to obey some commands. It's about the core Characters who aren't in the Navy but still work for them.

So these are characters that move in a much grayer area and have fewer duties and fewer rights. This opens up new scenarios in ONE PIECE, such as Battle just started at Hachinosu.

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