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Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 9: Assassins

Before the confrontation against the tsugumomo de Mayoiga, decide how to do it. While Akito and Mimane will face Genbu, Taguri will do it against Senga and Jungou, with Kazuya and Kiriha staying with Kyouka. Akito for his part has no major problems against Genbu, to the point of not needing Mimane's help. For his part, Taguri is a bit cornered due to underestimating the power that these could have. tsugumomoHowever, he manages to defeat them. Kazuya and Kiriha have a difficult fight against Kyouka, since they cannot cope, therefore, the tsugumomo of the flute he makes fun of them and how he will make them suffer in the same way that he will with Kukuri. Kazuya is angered by that and orders Kiriha to do the 'Divine Possession', quickly defeating the flute, without killing her to answer the questions.

Akito realizes that Genbu's group was a distraction to leave Kukuri alone, so everyone decides to go back to her. Arriving at the temple where he is to confront several tsugumomo from Mayoiga. However, Kazuya and company cannot enter due to a barrier. Although they weren't necessary for Kukuri to get rid of all the tsugumomo.

When it was all over and they returned to Kazuya's house, they decide to celebrate for the victory of the fighting. In addition to taking advantage of the opportunity for Kyouka to regain some spiritual strength, since he lost too much energy due to the battle, so he cannot take human form to answer the questions they want to ask him. Akito and Mimane say goodbye to them, but on the way they meet Arumi, who tells them about the problems that are happening in Mayoiga.

Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 9
Β© 桜 η”° γ‚ˆ し か γ₯ / 双 葉 η€Ύ ・ γ€ŒηΆ™ ぀ ぐ γ‚‚ も」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

A better look at the characters

In Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 9 showed a little more of the personalities of many characters. From those who were previously, such as Taguri, to those who premiered in the episode or had very few appearances in previous chapters, as were the tsugumomo from Mayoiga. Of the latter, because they were more than I expected and not all showed a great impact as I would have liked, in addition to the fact that most died in combat, I will not speak very deeply about each one. At least I won't do it with those who faced Kukuri underestimating his power and being eliminated almost instantly.

But, of the Genbu group, the one that most caught my attention due to his personality was undoubtedly Kyouka, who exhibited his side of sadism. A part of his personality that, although a part of me told me there was a possibility that it existed because of how he had behaved previously, it honestly took me by surprise that it was so β€˜Sβ€˜. Much more than I would have even imagined. I would have loved to see or know how he generated that personality, since it could be linked to his past and the reason why his contempt for humans began. Fortunately, being the sole survivor of the entire attack group against Kukuri (counting the main attack group and the decoy group), there may still be a chance of seeing it.

By the way, I think it was perfect that she was afraid of Kazuya in β€˜Divine possessionTal to the point of ending up urinating. It generated the same feeling as seeing a character β€˜Sβ€˜Being submissive from one moment to another. Of course, when once again becoming an object, someone must have taken it from their own pool of urine into which it fell, something that when thinking about it was somewhat unpleasant and I appreciate that they did not show it in the episode.

Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 9
Β© 桜 η”° γ‚ˆ し か γ₯ / 双 葉 η€Ύ ・ γ€ŒηΆ™ ぀ ぐ γ‚‚ も」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

Another character that surprised me was Taguri. Not only because of their great power that they had never said anything about, but also because of the fanservice of the scene after the ending. Taguri has a more voluptuous body than her clothes show. I honestly did not expect him to have such a figure under his clothes, as I believed that he would be somewhere in between Kiriha and Sunao. Well, setting aside the fanservice scene (for which I am completely grateful) and getting back to the subject of his power, there was a point where I couldn't help but see him as something absurd. Mainly because of the anti-armor barrel, since he thought his abilities would be completely linked to his representation as a deity. Being in this case the money. Although I can imagine that the "anti-armor barrel" can be linked to a safe, I personally still think it is absurd.

In the end, both Kyouka and Taguri made me interested in the character. However, I do not feel that either of them reaches a high position to consider it a potential waifu.

The plot advance

In Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 9 not only advanced the plot with the confrontations against the tsugumomo de Mayoiga, but also did it by giving depth to various characters. Kazuya displayed a great deal of fury which led him to command Kirhia. Something he had been avoiding at all costs because of his kind personality. This made me wonder if he would be involved with his label and / or his past. Well, in addition to the anger he showed, he was also about to murder a tsugumomo. Maybe Kiriha knows something about Kazuya that no one else knows, something like her tsugumomo can feel and maybe share it with Kanaka. Something that I must admit is much more than interesting for Tsugu Tsugumomo, although that may trigger a cliche to the series.

Now focusing a little more on the plot of the story. From the beginning I found it curious that Genbu and company were against Kukuri being only four tsugumomo. Especially when he had already related and shown that there were many more who went to face Iwanagahime. That is why I saw them as "defectors" from Mayoiga. However, I never imagined the possibility that they were not the only ones impatiently searching for the Kukuri fragment. Creating a suicide strategy. Sending a group to distract the exorcist from the region and even keep the guardian of the deity busy. All without warning Akito and company, who could have been great allies in combat. Although that ends up being explained by the rebellion Mayoiga is going through.

Personally, I already imagined something was happening in Mayoiga, all because of the appearance of Genbu and company. At first I just imagined they were the deserters, but there was more tsugumomo in the village with doubts about the future for them. All because of the delay in getting the fragment of the deity, so they would also start leaving Mayoiga little by little. But he did not expect the entire village to be in rebellion. This increased my curiosity, since Genbu was the one who most showed his impatience for them to get the fragment. Assuming that Genbu was not their leader for the simple fact of being in the distraction group and not the main attack group.

Maybe the leader is a new one tsugumomo which reached the village as far as Akito, Arumi, Mimane and Yasuki were outside. The β€œbest” way that I can imagine for the development of the plot would be that the tsugumomo leader was controlled or sent by someone else outside of Mayoiga. So that it infiltrated and began to destroy it inside little by little, sowing uncertainty and doubts in others tsugumomo from the village. Something that could be separated into two branches, the first being a tsugumomo independent who saw the perfect opportunity to control the place; the second would be that it is a deity trap to discover Mayoiga's position and get rid of those who killed a deity.

Well, there is a third option that involves Azami. However, I see it unlikely thanks to the advance of the next episode. In which it seems Azami continues to help Akito and company, even with their problems in Mayoiga.

Β© 桜 η”° γ‚ˆ し か γ₯ / 双 葉 η€Ύ ・ γ€ŒηΆ™ ぀ ぐ γ‚‚ も」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

Tsugu Tsugumomo Details - Chapter 9

There is something I should talk about yes or yes about this episode, being the combat scene of Kukuri against the tsugumomo. Scene that I loved. Not only for the great animation work he showed, with great fluidity of movement and maintaining the quality of the visual effects. Also for everything involved in the animation section: the sound effects, the ambient sound and even the voices of the characters, etc. Perfectly expressing the surprise that many of them took after underestimating a deity for their loli appearance.

This scene definitely became my favorite of Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 9 and this second season of the series so far. Although Kazuya's scene with Div Divine Possession ’against Kyouka also had its charm, for me it fell far behind this scene with Kukuri. Of course, it also has things that could be improved in the Kukuri scene.

Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 9
Β© 桜 η”° γ‚ˆ し か γ₯ / 双 葉 η€Ύ ・ γ€ŒηΆ™ ぀ ぐ γ‚‚ も」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

Seizing the opportunity, I must praise the work of the seiyuu during Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 9. Well, they managed to perfectly demonstrate what each of the characters wanted to express. With changing voice tones to denote surprise, anger, fear, etc. Something I really appreciate and don't expect to happen in an entire episode. Perhaps due to the fact that, unlike others, the tension in this episode was maintained from start to finish. At least until the ending, since after this is the fanservice scene with Taguri and Kukuri in the bathroom.

In advance for the next chapter they showed Sunao. Who would surely be in the area to help protect Kukuri from Mayoiga's attacks. It also helps to take advantage of and improve your relationship with Kazuya. Meanwhile, Akito and company will return to the village to find out what's going on. That is why I feel that the next episode will have more progress in the plot. Focused more on the story, than with a lot of fighting. More words than actions.


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