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Β© 桜 η”° γ‚ˆ し か γ₯ / 双 葉 η€Ύ ・ γ€ŒηΆ™ ぀ ぐ γ‚‚ も」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 11: War without quarter

The entire Mayoiga is on its way to Hakusan to face Kukuri. Merging Mayoiga with Kicchomaru, a fishing boat. Able to transport them to all tsukumogami and hiding it from the view of others. However, on the way they meet a representation of Honoka-sama, which they have to avoid in order to reach their goal. So Mimane, Yasuki and a tsukumogami more stay to entertain her.

Upon arriving at the scene, Kukuri faces solo against Miurahi, who also does it alone. With a similar power, Kukuri decides to remove the barrier that Hakusan protects to return to his adult form and surpass Miurahi's power, defeating him. However, Azami appears behind his back and pierces his heart, obtaining the fragment he had.

That fragment was used to revive Kanaka. Who is only a representation of the true Kanaka. Upon seeing her, Kukuri tells Kazuya a little about the situation, since he was the one who created Azami, so he must be the one to destroy her. No option for someone else to do it, since the return of hex could end the entire area.

Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 11
Β© 桜 η”° γ‚ˆ し か γ₯ / 双 葉 η€Ύ ・ γ€ŒηΆ™ ぀ ぐ γ‚‚ も」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

The big plot

As I had already mentioned since the beginning of the anime, Tsugu Tsugumomo it seemed it would have a very good plot to be a series with quite a focus on the Ecchi. And I was not disappointed at all. From the previous episode, I was already completely anxious about what would happen with the battle between Kukuri and Miurahi. Now, with Azami's β€œbetrayal” towards Mayoiga and the resurrection of Kanaka, this cannot have me with more expectations to see what will happen next.

Now, first of all, at the time he had already raised the possibility Azami was using Mayoiga for his own purposes / benefits. Something that turned out to be true. And that, honestly, I did not expect the result for which they did it, the resurrection of Kanaka. Also, it seems that Azami is much more powerful than it seems, since she managed to sneak behind his back. tsukumogami known for attacking and murdering a deity. There is also the fact that, even using Arumi's abilities to see the future, they were unable to warn of her betrayal.

Of course, this also raised the question of whether or not there exists any way in which Azami had altered Arumi's visions to make them appear correct. I mean the possibility that Azami had caused Arumi to have the vision that ended up in the forest when they found Azami herself. It may be improbable and I am exaggerating a bit, but, as minimal as the possibility is, it is still there.

Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 11
Β© 桜 η”° γ‚ˆ し か γ₯ / 双 葉 η€Ύ ・ γ€ŒηΆ™ ぀ ぐ γ‚‚ も」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

Now, going back to the plot a bit. After watching Kanaka's resurrection, I understand why their goal is to assassinate Kazuya. Well, surely it is because of the bond they have to be tsukumogami created by him. It may even have something to do with Kazuya's power. Power that they have spoken and shown very little, although enough to know he could create tsukumogami at pleasure.

As for Miurahi and his reason behind his actions, I come to understand her. However, I think he was quick to believe that all deities did not care about tsukumogamias well as not thinking that the deities themselves would have their own problems to deal with. Something that Kukuri made clear in Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 11 during your chat with him before the battle. Of course, that does not exempt the deities from the possibility that the tsukumogami on their own.

Deities are not omnipotent and need humans to stay "alive." I imagine that it will be by their belief that it "gives" them spiritual power and allows them to maintain more tsukumogami in your protection area. But this is already a theory of mine.

Kazuya's difficult mission

With the advancement of this season of the anime, each time they have shown us a little more of Kazuya's past and indications of its power. However, they have never given so much information together as in Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 11. With the reason that Kanaka was killed, the confirmation he created Azami and the final objective of all of them, assassinate Kazuya.

All that information suddenly has to be assimilated by a 14-year-old boy. Yes, 14 years old, it must be remembered that Kazuya is attending secondary and non-preparatory, as is commonly seen in anime in general. And that is not the heaviest thing he must assimilate, but the one that must be the one who kills his own mother. The one who does not remember due to the seal that keeps her past hidden. Knowing her from the vague image in her mind and dreams. Image that, by the way, could contain the true essence of Kanaka, unlike the one that "resurrected" thanks to Azami. Kind of like when Naruto he met his mother Kushina in Naruto shippuden. But, once again, it is not assured, it is a simple hypothesis of mine.

Kazuya's benevolent personality is one of his great strengths, as well as one of the reasons why many of the heroines began to be attracted to him. However, in moments as tense as those of this arc, I could not help but feel frustrated to see he maintained the same personality, despite knowing and technically being aware of Mayoiga's objective. Something that, although the possibility may exist, the tsukumogami de Mayoiga and the deities, would not redeem them from their sins, especially those who actively participated in the murder of the deity Iwanagahime.

Kazuya is still a teenager who is still shaping his character and way of thinking. Without such a calculating and serious mentality, and showing normal and typical features for a boy of his age. However, on some occasion he has shown traces of a much more mature personality. Although these situations have been rare.

Tsugu Tsugumomo Details - Chapter 11

In addition to the great revelations that were made in Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 11 with the confirmation that Azami was created by Kazuya, the resurrection of Kanaka and the "betrayal" of Azami. My favorite part of the episode was without a doubt the short, but good animated, battle between Kukuri and Miurahi. In addition to being able to see the adult Kukuri again, the main reasons were for the animation of fluency in movements and expressions of the characters, as well as their pre-combat talk. Which in my opinion gave depth and even more weight to that fight. Even if it was done pretty quickly.

Speaking of animation, I must confess that I missed the Ecchi in Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 11. However, with the appearance of Kanaka, which she does being naked, I think that in her uncensored version in the Blu-ray, that scene will show more of Kazuya's mother's body.

Among the allies to protect Kukuri came as reinforcement Yagokoro-Omoinokane-no-Mikoto, the deity of the Tenshou shrine. The one who gives the forecast of calamity and had been mentioned in previous chapters, even in the first season of this anime. A little perverted old man. Although, to be honest, I would also risk approaching Taguri, even knowing his likes for him. yuri. In fact, I could use sharing those same tastes to create a safer path when approaching the deity. Although not in the same way that Tenshou did.

Β© 桜 η”° γ‚ˆ し か γ₯ / 双 葉 η€Ύ ・ γ€ŒηΆ™ ぀ ぐ γ‚‚ も」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

Other points that caught my attention in Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 11 was Arumi's ability to share her power to see the future to Akito. Although they are "brothers", I found it interesting that I could do it. Another is Tanmen's decision to receive the protection and support of Honoka-sama, a decision that I believe was the correct one. Finally it was to know more about Miurahi, knowing now that he is the tsukumogami from the home of wealthy merchants.

Regarding the progress of the next and last chapter of Tsugu Tsugumomo, I must warn that, if you did not see it for not waiting, skipping or omitting the ending, the advance scene has spoilers which I think would have been a great surprise to see them directly. Especially for those who have only followed the anime, without having knowledge of the manga. So I will not talk in detail about what was shown, however, I can say that I had not been so eager to see the broadcast of a chapter in a long time. Surely there will be more than one situation that will change the plot of the story, and I hope that will allow them to announce a third season.


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