On the website Comic tatan from the publisher Tokuma Shoten the eighteenth and last chapter of the manga was published, written and illustrated by the creative duo Naked Ape, Suicide Line.

The duo began publishing the manga on the Comic Tatan website in January 2019. The publisher Takeshobo It published the first compilation volume of the manga in June 2019, and will publish the second on June 20.

Naked Ape is made up of Otoh Saki and Tomomi Nakamura, and the creators duo's most recent project was Tsutsujimori: Ihinseiri Shimatsu-roku, which came to an end in the latest issue of the magazine Aria from the publisher Kodansha published in March 2018.

Synopsis of Suicide Line

The suspense and criminal investigation story centers on Agent Kuroda. Due to his trauma when he was locked up with his family murdered for several days as a child, he gained an ability to grasp the essences of the dead faster than anyone. He is assigned to the special division that searches for missing persons, and there he meets a detective genius who can catch criminals better than anyone.

Source: ANN

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