The number 95 of Batman will begin the narrative arc "Joker War", which will throw Gotham - for the umpteenth time - into a criminal turmoil. This time, however, the Dark Knight will not be alone in his battle, but will team up with an old acquaintance - Dick Grayson.

We know that Grayson lost his memories after receiving a bullet to the head, and since then the Owl Court and even the Joker have attempted to interfere with his true identity. Waiting for Grayson to recover his memories, Batman will rely on the help of Harley Quinn.

She was injected into the Dark Knight a massive dose of a new experimental Joker toxin, unleashing terrifying visions, and Harley will have the task of protecting him not only from the Prince of Crime but also from his new right arm - Punchline.

Finally, in issue 99 of the publication, arriving on September 15th, we are witnessing a return in style by Nightwing. Batman, in fact, realizes that if he really wants to win this war he will have to team up with one of the best.

Batman numbers 98 and 99 are written by James Tynion IV and designed by Jorge Jiménez, with the covers by David Finch, Jiménez, Francesco Mattina.

The preview of Batman chapter 93 anticipates the first clash between the Dark Knight and Punchline. Batman historian Dennis O'Neil left us at the age of 81.

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