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Tsugu Tsugumomo - Final Chapter: Determination

Kanaka's appearance completely changes the battle, defeating in seconds all tsukumogami remaining from Mayoiga. Having free way to face Kazuya, without mebargo, before he must defeat Kukuri and company. Causing a fierce battle between Kanaka and three deities, in which it seems they manage to defeat her, however, Azami surprises the deities by surprise, injuring them. Generating time for Kanaka to recover. Remaining in a single combat against Kukuri, which he defeats thanks to the ‘Divine possession‘, Stealing his fragment.

That event continued with the attack on Kazuya, who didn't stand a chance even with his own ‘Divine possession‘. Seeing himself in great danger, Kiriha sacrifices herself to save Kazuya. And before he is killed by his mother, Kasumi, his older sister, appears, who along with his tsukumogami are responsible for sealing Kanaka for 3 years, time that Kazuya will have to become stronger and be able to defeat her.

Three days have passed since that when Kazuya finally wakes up after the effects of the ‘Divine possession‘. Without finding any of the girls, Kazuya is called by his father, who is next to Bakura and Ouhi, the leader of Tsuzuraden. Who explains once again what happened. With no other option, Kazuya will have to go to Tsuzuraden to fortify himself for the next 2 years and 362 days, something he agrees on.

Tsugu Tsugumomo - Final Chapter
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The big plot

I had already said it since the beginning of Tsugu Tsugumomo, this season seemed to bring quite a deep plot, especially for an anime so close to the Ecchi as it is. However, I am still stunned by the depth the plot showed. Depth that even other series fail to show or have, despite being more focused on the story and less on the visual aspect.

Of course, the turning point was in this final episode. Showing in the first half an exciting battle between the true antagonist and three deities at the same time. Just to move on to the second half of the chapter, full of drama from the results of the match. Definitely, an episode that kept me in the story all the time, with my emotions on the surface.

He plotwist of the plot in Tsugu Tsugumomo - Final chapter was really amazing. Although it could already be seen coming from previous episode (Thanks to the preview after the ending), it did not stop having a great impact on the story. And of course, in me as a spectator.

At the beginning the anime started a bit weak in the story, as it was just the introduction of what seemed to be the antagonists of the season. However, she always kept a good progress in the story, without feeling slow or very fast. But already in the final episodes, the plot ends up hooking you because of the possibility that some characters perish. And they did not disappoint with that either.

Tsugu Tsugumomo - Final Chapter
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I only have one doubt, if Kiriha and Kukuri had explained everything to Kazuya, would everything that happened in that battle have changed? Perhaps it has, but not enough to see a very different result. Also, to be honest, I prefer the current plot than a change with the explanation of both about Kanaka and her past.


The main protagonists of Tsugu Tsugumomo They are Kazuya and Kiriha, while some secondary characters, such as Kukuri, showed great prominence behind the scenes.

But of the protagonists it is necessary to take into account that Kazuya is just a boy of 14 years of age. A younger age than what is normally seen in school anime are topics of Fantasy, Magic, Science fiction or Supernatural. Having on average an older age for 2 or 3 years. So, he expected and imagined his mental state to be even more immature than other characters. However, he showed a much more mature mentality than he expected. Although it had it from the beginning, with the passage of the chapters it was forging it even more.

Still in Tsugu Tsugumomo - Final chapter exhibits his emotions with the death of Kukuri as well as that of Kiriha, with a look that only reflected despair. But his gaze changed to see her and he couldn't help comparing it with the same one he had Naruto when Hinata saved him, right after the death of Neji (Naruto shippuden). With a determined look to advance, accepting all your mistakes and suffering. A look that is personally worthy of a great protagonist of Shonen, despite not being the central genre of Tsugu Tsugumomo.

Kazuya earned my respect as the protagonist, having more determination than many others, in similar or lighter situations.

Tsugu Tsugumomo - Final Chapter
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As for other characters, such as the aforementioned Kiriha and Kukuri, their development is not very noticeable for several reasons. Mainly because, although they look quite young, their age is not the same. So they have forged their mentality long before. The most noticeable changes are those referring to his emotions by the protagonist. As Kiriha began to become much closer to Kazuya, she seemed to like him. Kukuri from time to time seemed to me to see her more serious in general, possibly due to the fact that I was hiding everything that happened in the past.

Both achieved a slight development, one linked entirely to Kazuya. And with which I am satisfied, since I did not expect a big change in both. Although perhaps this may not be entirely convincing to some as it did to me. But that is already everyone's taste.

Technical details

The studio responsible for the animation of Tsugu Tsugumomo was Zero-G, the same studio that also animated its first season. And which now I have even more in mind after seeing a constant quality in the animation. A very good quality. Of course, not everything was perfect, because there are some moments in which the quality declines. However, the most important moments always showed excellent animation. Either those from fanservice (in which you imagined will be uncensored in the version Blu-ray) or in battles. For example, the confrontation between Kanaka with Kukuri, Taguri, Tenshou and Sunao. In which the movement of the characters was constant, as well as the visual effects of the different abilities, either of the deities or of the carriers of tsukumogami.

© 浜 田 よ し か づ / 双 葉 社 ・ 「継 つ ぐ も も」 製作 委員会

Animation is not their only strong point of Tsugu Tsugumomo. Since it is also the sound section, which together with the animation made me feel inside the scenes. Keeping me set at all times in combat. Both in the sound effects generated by the characters and their abilities, as well as the perfect choice of music for each scene. Counting the ones that kept me tense and excited during the fights, as well as the sad ones that further highlighted the drama in the story.

With this also comes the great work of the seiyuu giving voice to each of the characters. Well, although there are some that I liked more than others, most of the time they also managed to convey the feelings of the characters in their words. Although sometimes they were quite sad. For example, personally, when Kazuya's father commissioned Kanaka, I heard a feeling of guilt, sadness, and helplessness from the father. I may have exaggerated it due to the moment, however, that simple phrase made me feel a lump in my throat, for the meaning and emotions behind it.

Finally, both the opening and the ending I loved. Increasing even more my liking for these as the anime progressed, as I felt they had better harmony with the plot. I can't choose one of the two as my favorite over the other.

Final opinion of Tsugu Tsugumomo

For some chapters, with the interesting plot that was getting I could not help but go read the manga. To the point where I already knew what would happen in Tsugu Tsugumomo - Final chapter, and even after this. However, comparing the adaptation with the original work, in this case the manga, I think they did a very good job. Well, while there are some other times omitted or altered, there are many others who remained as loyal as possible. Managing to demonstrate a great result in general in the adaptation of the story. There are some things regarding fanservice that were changed, for example, the way Kazuya goes along with Ouhi. Well before leaving he has a "stimulating" moment with her and Bakura.

The rating I give to the adaptation is 8.5 / 10 (which would go up to 9/10 by rounding it). I think they did a great job most of the time. There are still things that I did not like having been changed or omitted, but on second thought, most were not crucial moments or of utmost importance to the story.

I would personally recommend it for the story and its depth, one that really surprises for not being so common in an anime Ecchi. Being an anime that meets both "plots". Something that very few series manage to show, since there are some that, without the Ecchi, history is not a big deal. As if they needed / depended on that genre in order to have an interest in history. Something typical in the anime of this genre lately. But that is already a cliche of the genre itself.

The emotion that left me Tsugu Tsugumomo - Final chapter is still present, so I hope it has a third season. Although, as I already mentioned, knowing what happens right after, I confess that it would not be the best way to start a season. Rather, I see those moments adapted in one or more OVA. And later it does start a third season. Of course, I wouldn't mind seeing them decide to start a hypothetical third season like this.

I really hope they announce a continuation for the series. Although I would like it to be for this year, due to the current situation that has not yet calmed down (and possibly will not do so soon), perhaps we will have to wait until another year. But I would be happy if they announce its continuation, regardless of whether it will be broadcast until a later time.

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