Issue 25 of has recently been published Venom, which displaced readers with a series of heart-pounding twists. Writer Donny Cates has updated his followers on the next issue, the 200, revealing that he is planning some crazy ideas:

"Our plans for Venom number 200 are insane, and I can't wait to start writing. I will only say this ... it will be a big thing !! "

Afterwards, Ryan Stegman has confirmed his involvement in the upcoming Venom release. The twenty-fifth issue of the symbiote concluded the Venom Island storyline, and was one of the first titles published by Marvel Comics after the stop to distributions imposed by the Coronavirus.

Cates has been at the Venom script since 2018, and so far has introduced several interesting ideas into Eddie Brock's world, including Knull - the God of Symbionts - and the return of Cletus Kasady to the pages of Absolute Carnage. Recently, he collaborated with the legendary Ultimate Spider-Man artist - Mark Bagley - for the making of "Venom Island".

What do you expect from Venom number 200? As usual, tell us with a comment below.

Venom: the terrifying "Bile" symbiont could soon become canonical. Venom Island officially ends with number 25: the first boards are available.

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