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Tsugu Tsugumomo – Chapter 7: Versus! / The romantic trivia game

Akito and Mimane end up being dragged into the fantasy of a amasogi along with Kazuya and Kiriha. The master of the amasogi, Hirosaki Hirohashi, lets see what is your goal so that everything ends. So they must fight in a fighting video game. Managing to defeat his opponents and leaving the fantasy, Kiriha discovers that Mimane is the tsukumogami from a mirror. While Akito manages to hide his identity.

Despite not wanting to get involved with Kazuya and company, Akito ends up once again sharing the fantasy of a amasogi with Kazuya and Kiriha. Only this time accompanied by his younger sister, Arumi. The master of the amasogi, Wakana Wakisaka gives them instructions to follow to complete the game and get out of there. Being a normal board game, but with the peculiarity of having to answer a couple question every time you get to a square. With a penalty if the answer is wrong. Akito and Arumi manage to win the game. So Kiriha recruits Akito for the club, using blackmail with information obtained from Mimane.

Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 7
© 浜 田 よ し か づ / 双 葉 社 ・ 「継 つ ぐ も も」 製作 委員会

One episode, two stories

Unlike previous episodes, Tsugu Tsugumomo – Chapter 7 has the peculiarity of showing two short stories within a single episode. Although both are technically involved in recruiting Akito for the ‘Consulting room‘. I have to admit, I like this kind of episode. Of course not always, because depending on the situation they could not be good, for example, that they force the entry of more than one story, noticing or even that there was more material for each of them to last an entire episode.

In any case, the first is ‘Versus’. With Hirosaki Hirohashi as the master of the amasogi. Being a very simple person, exposing his goals easily, at 33 years old. And wanting to play video games, possibly because of the stress of work. Honestly, the plot of this “mini-bow”Is the same as Hirosaki, very simple. Without anything very flashy or dramatic. However, it allowed me to see two things for which I am completely grateful: Azami’s flushed face, and Kiriha wearing a bikini with cat ears. There is also the bunny outfit and the naked apron, but when showing them with Mimane they lost the charm for me.

By the way, I was surprised by the fact that Kiriha was embarrassed to wear the bikini in front of more people. Since, like Kazuya, he didn’t expect me to. But once again I was pleased that she herself confessed it’s okay to show it to him, but not to other people.

For his part, Akito’s reaction fully represented me. Being the same one I did when I saw how Mimane accepted to be a tsukumogami.

Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 7
© 浜 田 よ し か づ / 双 葉 社 ・ 「継 つ ぐ も も」 製作 委員会

The other “mini-bow“Is‘ The Romantic Trivia Game. ” Arc of which I accept I liked his “antagonist” Wakana Wakisaka for his personality. With a “dangerous” game that destroys relationships like amasogi, but which would not bother me to play it too. With questions that are sexual harassment, but that were very interesting, because they were pleasant details to hear, whether they were correct or wrong.

Especially those related to Arumi, since they allowed me to get a better idea of ​​what his personality is like. Taking her to a place comparable to Sunao’s on my personal list. Although I would have liked one of the questions to be about your three measurements, overall, I concluded that it appears to be brocon. In addition to affirming that she is considered Akito’s younger sister.

Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 7
© 浜 田 よ し か づ / 双 葉 社 ・ 「継 つ ぐ も も」 製作 委員会

In general I did not feel that Tsugu Tsugumomo – Chapter 7 had a very fast development so that there have been two “mini-bows” in this. Nor can I imagine them with the duration of a normal episode each, because, although there may be details that would lengthen and deepen the story, of their current duration I see them perfect. Also, I didn’t feel like there was much more story behind that needed to be told / shown.

Who is your partner’s favorite girl?

Honestly this is a very difficult question to answer. Personally, I’m not even sure how to answer it, because although I only have one waifu in anime in general. There are also those that do not belong to the anime world, such as video games in general or the real world itself. They do not share the same things, although they are not opposite poles either. And I couldn’t unite them into one because I feel like I’d lose their charm.

Anyway, leaving my answer and likes aside. He already imagined that Kazuya’s answer would not be Kiriha, as well as Akito’s answer.

Starting with Kazuya. Of which his answer disappointed me, since there was the possibility of giving depth to the plot and a bit of development to the characters. I imagined that Kazuya would not remember the face of his favorite girl, since he knew her as a child and it is inside his sealed memories. However, it would be Azami. Which would strengthen my theory that they met when he was little and would explain why Azami blushed when rescued by Kazuya and why she doesn’t want to be approached. As well as his jealousy and fury at seeing Mimane kiss him.

It was completely disappointing to see that he himself was her favorite girl. But, after thinking about it a bit, if it wasn’t the answer you had envisioned, the second best option was that. Leaving a void so that any of the heroines began to be more daring to captivate him. That way you don’t close a specific path that early in the plot.

© 浜 田 よ し か づ / 双 葉 社 ・ 「継 つ ぐ も も」 製作 委員会

While Akito’s answer I think was obvious Hifumi would be his favorite. Perhaps he never realized his own feelings, or perhaps it was never specifically romantic feelings he had for her. However, it was evident after seeing his past that he had great affection for Hifumi. Although, there was also the possibility that it was Mimane. I mean, he was on a date with her when they met Kazuya and Kiriha in the game center.

I’m not fooled, that was a date. There is nothing that can refute it. The two of them went alone to a game center and Akito promised Mimane that they would have fun all day. It was a date. And there is also the fact that they have shared a bathroom at least once. I see more than just a friendship. Perhaps they give more clues to this in future episodes of Tsugu Tsugumomo.

Tsugu Tsugumomo Details – Chapter 7

In addition to everything I already mentioned, there were two small details that caught my attention during this episode. One linked to the plot, the other to the animation.

First of the plot. I mean when they are asked if they have ever done it (very possibly referring to sex), in romántico The romantic trivia game ’. Something that leads Kiriha and Kazuya to wonder if he tells what happened in dreams. And it must be remembered that, with the “bow” of Iraha-sensei, inside the dream when they had the opposite gender. In the real world, Kiriha and Kazuya referred to what could have happened. And with this doubt in Tsugu Tsugumomo – Chapter 7 did nothing more than confirm that they did at that time.

Of course, the moment was also pretended with Sunao, but that one was pretended and it was known about that. Another thing that would have surprised is that either of them had said yes. Either Kiriha in the past (with Kanaka?) Or Kazuya at the time in the infirmary with Chisato in the first season.

Now, the detail that caught my attention regarding the animation was the insignificant fact that the phrase “High score“Served as censorship in the episode. Well, since it is not the typical beam of light or mist, I have the feeling that it will not disappear even in the version Blu-ray. As I said, it is a small and insignificant detail that I found curious.

For the next episode it seems that there will be a good amount of fanservice, as we could see in its preview. Showing Shirou “covering” Arumi (which I am jealous of). In addition to the appearance of more characters seeking to attack the local deity, in this case being Kukuri. From what I imagine they will be tsukumogami belonging to the lost village, Mayoiga. Although whether they are sent or have left at home is something that we will not know until the chapter is issued.


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