Toshokan Sensou: Love & War Bessatsu-hen manga will end in three chapters

The July issue of the magazine LaLa from the publisher Hakusensha revealed that the manga of Kiiro Yumi, Toshokan Sensou: Love & War Bessatsu-hen It will come to an end within three chapters. If there are no delays, the work would end in August.

Toshokan Sensou: Love & War Bessatsu-hen

The final arc of the manga began on April 24, with an original story that is not present in the original light novels of Hiro Arikawa. For his part, Yumi began publishing the manga in the aforementioned magazine in 2007, with the publication of the manga Toshokan Sensou, while the current manga has been published since March 2015.

Furthermore, the original light novels inspired an anime adaptation and an animated movie. A live-action movie premiered in Japan in 2013 and a sequel was released in 2015.

Synopsis for Toshokan Sensou: Love & War Bessatsu-hen

The main manga story centers on an alternate version of Japan. A law threatens to deprive freedom of expression in 2019, so Iku Kasahara joins the Library Defense Force, a military unit dedicated to the protection of books. However, she discovers that the job she always dreamed of is more difficult than she thought.

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