The introduction of Beerus, first in a dedicated film and later in the adaptation of Dragon Ball Super, Anticipated the new narrative line that Toyotaro and Akira Toriyama they intended to undertake the new project. Yet even the god of destruction has undergone a slow and progressive evolution.

Recently, we discussed the role of Beerus in the last narrative arc, a character now relegated to the background. The divinity, in fact, from the cardinal element of the plot ended up being forgotten, although it has undergone a particularly interesting evolution. In chapter 60 of the manga, Whis reminded Merus of her duties as an Angel, as their role is solely to support the gods and they cannot take any initiative.

A short panel, which seems to almost remove the reader from this detail, shows a Beerus particularly frustrated from the news coming from Earth, in particular about the imminent defeat of Goku. Taking the ball, with what sounds like an excuse, the god of destruction warns Whis that he is hungry and wants to eat something delicious. And what better place on Earth is ideal for a good meal for Beerus?

His concern fits perfectly with the time spent with the Earthlings, both in the clash with the Universe of Champa and in the saga of the Tournament of Power. That Toyotaro have in mind to revitalize the character with this narrative choice? Tell us your opinion about it, as usual, with a comment below.

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