It quickly became the highest-grossing and most-watched film in franchise history. ONE-PIECE: RED it also proved to be one of the most popular films of 2022. In addition to the Toei Animation brand's production quality, the new Mugiwara adventure set to the sound of music presented key characters and themes, including a cameo appearance.

Now that The film is finally available on Amazon Prime Video, the most attentive fans have discovered the presence of a character met a long time ago, moreover exclusive to the anime. Given the central role of the character of Uta, a young and famous singer, daughter of Emperor Shanks the Red and childhood friend of Luffy, the characters had little room outside of the Mugiwara at the minute of the film, and yet the animators decided to include them Enter a pirate gift in the first OAV of work.

Produced by Production IG and only released in a few theaters in Japan and for a short time in the summer of 1998, the project in question was titled ONE PIECE - Defeat him! The pirate Ganzack, and represents the first animated transposition based on the work of Eiichiro Oda, prior to the Toei series. The OAV, available on YouTube, introduced for the first time the dangerous Ganzack, who never appeared in the manga, and the pirate is celebrating its comeback after almost 25 years in ONE PIECE: RED.

As you can actually see from the frame of the feature film in the post below, Ganzack is shown from behind but is instantly recognizable due to his unique crab claw shaped weapons placed on his back. The reason for this cameo, as stated by @newworldarthur, is the Goro Taniguchi returns to direct a film in the seriessince he headed the OAV himself in 1998.

Finally, we remind you that Eiichiro Oda has been awarded the Shin Watanabe Award thanks to the contribution he has made to the industry as a producer of ONE PIECE: RED and we leave you the details of the film's collector's box set.

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