Fruits Basket: The Three Musketeers Arc manga goes on indefinite hiatus

In the combined issue # 14- # 15 of the magazine Hana to Yume from the publisher Hakusensha, it was announced that the third and last chapter of the second part of the manga written and illustrated by Natsuki Takaya, Fruits Basket: The Three Musketeers Arc will be indefinitely delayed. The manga's official media will announce the resumption date as soon as decided.

For its part, the manga began its "second season" in the Hana to Yume magazine of the Hakusensha publishing house on April 20. The second chapter was published in the magazine on June 19. The story centers on the trio made up of Hatori, Shigure and Ayame, who call themselves the "Three Musketeers".

Takaya published the original manga Fruits Basket in the same magazine between 1998 and 2006, with a total of 23 compilation volumes. The play inspired a 26-episode anime adaptation produced by Studio Deen under the direction of Akitaro Saichi and scripts written by Higuchi Tachibana, released in July 2001.

The work was later re-adapted to a 25-episode anime produced by the studios. TMS Entertainment, under the direction of Yoshihide Ibata and scripts written by Taku Kishimoto, released in April 2019. A second season is on broadcast.

Fruits Basket Synopsis

After a family tragedy turned her life around, high school student Tohru Honda decides to confront the matter with her own hands and moves… to a tent! Unfortunately for her, he establishes his new home on the land belonging to the mysterious Souma clan, and it doesn't take long for the owners to discover his secret.

However, at the same time that Tohru discovers that the family will offer to welcome her in their enclosures, she also realizes that the Soumas have their own secret: it is that when they are touched by the opposite sex they become the animals of the zodiac Chinese!

Source: ANN

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