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Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 10
Β© 桜 η”° γ‚ˆ し か γ₯ / 双 葉 η€Ύ ・ γ€ŒηΆ™ ぀ ぐ γ‚‚ も」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 10: Rebellion

When Akito's group returns to Mayoiga, they find themselves in front of a tsukumogami who begins to attack them, an old companion whom they must kill in order to be safe. When things calm down, Akito knows everything that happens in the village, with a rebellion in it, where several separated tsukumogami looking to get the fragment of the deity as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Sunao arrives at Kazuya's house as a reinforcement to protect Kukuri from the potential upcoming Mayoiga attacks. In addition to staying at his house in what ends, transferring from school as well and joining the "Office." Taking advantage of the time to train with Kazuya.

Returning to Mayoiga, Tanmen decides to awaken Miurahi, who is able to do so because the fragment's power has been weakened enough for her to control it. Miurahi takes control of Mayoiga again, and due to the situation, makes the decision to accelerate the attack against the deity to get his fragment.

Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 10
Β© 桜 η”° γ‚ˆ し か γ₯ / 双 葉 η€Ύ ・ γ€ŒηΆ™ ぀ ぐ γ‚‚ も」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

What happens in Mayoiga

As the previous episodeMayoiga was experiencing a rebellion. What I got to imagine how it started and who was its leader. While I was correct in thinking I started because of the desperation of various tsukumogami to get the Kukuri fragment, in Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 10 confirmed that their leader really was Genbu. Something that at first seemed strange to me due to the nature of the situation using itself as a decoy. However, after taking into account his somewhat arrogant personality, I could no longer refute the idea he was the leader. After all, he was quite strong, although not very smart.

In any case, the rebellion that occurred in Mayoiga brought great revelations for the series: the awakening of Miurahi, the time limit before the power of the fragment runs out (1 or 2 months), and a taboo for the tsukumogami. Taboo which by the way was quite interesting to know about him, since at first I thought it would only involve those from Mayoiga, however, it seems to be a general taboo for any tsukumogami what exists. "Eating humans," or rather, "consuming the power of humans until they have been killed." What increases the power of tsukumogami, which in turn means that those involved in the rebellion should have done it, although I cannot assure that all of them have done it, most likely, yes.

Miurahi's awakening is quite interesting, for everything involved in the plot. Carrying the fragment of a deity, technically makes it one, something they had already mentioned while explaining the birth of Mayoiga. However, failing to control the full power of the shard would give him a strength equivalent to a weakened deity, or at least I think so. Having a strength similar to what Kukuri showed, which is surprising on its own. He is the only chance he has to defeat Kukuri, having lost so many tsukumogami foolishly out of rebellion.

Within the Mayoiga ranks there are still tsukumogami quite skilled in combat and even in strategy. However, the fact that it is decided that the entire village will attack Kukuri, makes me believe that more than one will not return from combat. What will surely happen, since they have already shown that the characters can be in that fine line. Now we will have to see if it will only happen with these temporary / secondary characters, or also with those who have appeared much longer in the anime.


As I already imagined and it was evident, Sunao was sent as a reinforcement against the Mayoiga attacks. But his appearance and arrival not only brought tranquility with a strong, trustworthy and well-known ally, it also brought "instability" elsewhere. Well, she was the only heroine who wasn't around Kazuya all the time. Which in turn generated Shirou's jealousy and mine. As well as the cliche of Chisato wondering if he should move in with Kazuya too.

The interactions and rivalries between the heroines are almost certain and would be even more so if they were not under this tense plot. While I expected to see more than one scene with clashes between rivals, I don't think it's going to happen right now or even in the remaining chapters to air.

As I mentioned earlier, just as the arc's minor characters are the most likely to perish in combat, those with the longest screen time are, too. Sunao, Kotetsu, Kiriha, Kazuya, Kokuyou, Kukuri, Taguri, they all have a chance of dying or being injured (to a greater or lesser extent) during combat. Of course the most prone is Kukuri, being the character that this whole arc is focused on.

Β© 桜 η”° γ‚ˆ し か γ₯ / 双 葉 η€Ύ ・ γ€ŒηΆ™ ぀ ぐ γ‚‚ も」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

We will have to wait to know what happens and how it does it, we still have to know which side Azumi will take in the battle. Since, although he is supporting Mayoiga, he is also preventing them from attacking Kazuya. Will you join either side? Will you take your own path?

Tsugu Tsugumomo Details - Chapter 10

To be honest, the plot shown in Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 10 was much better than I expected. Well, at first I simply believed that one of the sides would be mostly doing their strategy. Showing slight details of the other just to give context to the next episode. For example in Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 10 be centered on Mayoiga, her rebellion and the decisions that would be made, leaving short scenes to show the arrival of Sunao as reinforcement and little else. While the next one will focus more on Kazuya's training with Sunao, with short scenes to show Mayoiga's progress and arrival in the city. To start the battle until the last episode.

For this reason and with the advance of the next chapter, I can no longer guarantee that the battle will be animated in a single episode. Either because it lasts long or because they want to add plot and dialogues in between, being a filler class, but with context. Whatever the case, I'm sure of something, the end of this season does not look like it will be a relaxed one, calm after the storm. What has already given me hope is a third season in case this end occurs.

Within Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 10, the detail that most caught my attention is that in the vision of Arumi two fragments appeared. And that this has been interpreted as the inevitable battle against the deity Kukuri-hime-no-kami. Personally, when they mentioned this fact, I couldn't help imagining a path in which they ended up generating peaceful bonds thanks to Kazuya. After all, just moments before this they had shown a flashback scene. In which Akito and Kazuya talked about what would happen to Kyouka and what they would do in their confrontation against Mayoiga.

Tsugu Tsugumomo - Chapter 10 not only had a focus on the plot, it also showed great detail in the animations. More specifically those of the facial expressions of the characters, where the red faces stood out for embarrassment in the female characters. From the surprise attack that Kiriha received with Kazuya's words, to that of Sunao when his mother confessed to knowing a certain photograph. Of course without forgetting Azami's expression while Mimane "helped" her to wash. Not forgetting the various moments with fanservice throughout the episode.

I'm really looking forward to the premiere of the next episode so I can see how the fight starts. As well as knowing if my theory is correct, that Tsugu Tsugumomo Let's end with a shocking ending.


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