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Chapter 17: Operation Griffin

Anya takes the family picture with Bond to impress Damian, but Becky takes it away because she's in love with Loid. Change of strategy, they have to make a craft and Anya performs "Bond" and then because she read his mind to help the second son make his faucet and thereby impress his father. The help turns out to be worse than expected, they don't cooperate but hesitate and Damian gets angry. With little time and almost no materials to do what she can, Anya reworks "Bond", making a griffin and asking him to put it aside. Unexpectedly, the work of the second son moves the judges and wins a prize, although the loneliness of the child is still present even in the circle of "friends".

Chapter Opinion

Anya stumbled really badly in this chapter, even though her behavior is understandable for a girl and even though she wants to help, she wants to do whatever she wants, hence the propellant for the faucet. In order to theoretically be able to read minds, Anya should be more empathetic, but she isn't, she's still a girl and follows that behavior. Even Becky taking her friend's picture just because the dad is handsome (and he is). Back when we thought falling in love would make us grow up faster.

All of this led us to something very sad that is present in the work. Damian is Anya's opposite in many ways.

Damian's loneliness

Are Damian's friends really friends or toadies? Has the second child experienced fatherly love? A child also creates expectations about what they see and hear. He's seen what other parents are like and listened to what they do with their children, and from that he created a scenario himself where that's possible if he meets certain requirements, which I can summarize in: Excellence. If he achieves something extraordinary, his father will notice him and receive something he has always wanted, recognition.

For this reason, she seems to be the opposite of Anya to me. It's not that Loid is wealthy, nor does he have blood family (where the ties are meant to be stronger), and yet he receives more love from Loid and Yor and has them present in his life. Although Loid expects things from Anya, she takes her time and understands that she is a girl. Like Damian, Anya tries too hard, but her mistakes don't turn into frustrations. Also, Becky isn't a creep like Damian's. The rich boy is alone at the moment with no escape.

The Woman of Iron

These chapters differ from the first part and will continue to be so. I don't remember the first part having so many double chapters. From the second batch follows the third with two songs. After all, it is normal for other things to develop over the course of life and for the target to go through several phases unrelated to the mission. The good thing is that they show us certain things about other characters, now it was Sylvia's turn (a Waifu totally), they explained his birth, what he does and his nicknames. If they had talked about his past and those things, I think it would have been better, he's a very useful character because he's interesting. Time was short then, but I think that's an open debt.

The post-credits shows part of the following, where Yuri will appear and, most likely, will be Anya's tutor, I would like to see this uncle-niece relationship. The laughs won't be missing, I hope.

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