Mutants are a dark chapter for society My hero academy. A small hint of this matter was already glimpsed when Spinner and the League of Villains raided the headquarters of a small group of criminals, a kind of cult that denied Spinner's existence as a mutant or human with a quirk that transforms him. .

This body-altering animal entity has also altered the minds of many people. While in the city these animal-like people are more accepted, in rural areas this is not the reality. All of this accumulated hatred spills into the War of the Mutants taking place in front of Central Hospital, with an army of mutants paid for by All for One pursuing the transformed weirdo.

My Hero Academia 372 will take care of the end of this fight. Koda has dealt with the Arachnoid Mutant he was leading, while now Spinner will take a heavy hit from Shoji. This is where we come in, as the Yuei's mutant prepares a massive blow, but not necessarily able to break through Spinner's defenses, who now has very hard scales in addition to a larger body. In any case, the fight seems to be coming to an end, also because there are other stories to process.

My Hero Academia 372 will arrive on November 6, 2022 on MangaPlus at 4 p.m.

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