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Chapter 6: home

After so much practice time, they barely manage to cross the line for good, now the option of a training trip that is undertaken is increased. They all take things seriously, so having Lord Hiroshi as their teacher increases their determination. Disagreements are inevitable when the talent and level are different between members. This triggers a fight between Kaito and Sawamura, but is quickly resolved. For her part, Maeda knows she must improve to find her way when she heard the sound of Sawamura. Mr. Hiroshi shared a story with them that would inspire the group. You manage to master the theme for the competition while Umeko initiates the above event.

Chapter Opinion

Definitely a good chapter. I have to mention that first openingPersonally, I prefer the previous one, which is more linked to the anime theme and whose rhythm and sound also seem better to me. I found the ones in this chapter to be a more general introduction. We can divide this chapter into two parts, the first half that addresses issues and addresses the other characters like Kaito, which I think is very good because one of the things I didn't see was character development, at least not in that Secondary ones. In this first part, Sawamura is not the necessary center, but another participant in the action, but the protagonist's centrism returns in the second half. I think that's better than just seeing Sawamura talk about what we already know. Also, he's making a big breakthrough here that I don't think we saw from chapter one.

There are more things, yes, but we'll see them throughout the review. But I'll repeat, it was a good chapter.

Practice and travel

One of the things that will always be important is improving the characters as long as they have shown themselves to be inexperienced and with no innate talent for such an activity. In this chapter they give us an ellipse that lasts about three or four minutes, where they show us that they have been practicing hard for more than a month. Although we haven't seen his training, we at least already know that his improvement wasn't free, but that there was work and effort. While I would have liked to see how the practices developed, it helps me to know how they came to the events of the chapter.

The trip was not free, it was necessary, it had to do with the return to the origin, and also because there has to be at least a chapter like this to promote tourism in Japan (I have no evidence, no doubt). What I've been wondering in part of the chapter is how do they get the money, what it's like that it was made so easy for them. If I got it wrong, it is most likely thanks to Umeko. That last contact between the landlady and Umeko was enough to make you think: Ah, that answers it. That is the importance of knowing how to show things and not overload.


Again there is a confrontation between Kaito and Sawamura, but now we better understand why Kaito acts like this. The reasons for this are two: Maeda wants to defend them because she likes them and obviously that they are treating someone you love, dislike and what they had to go through. I manage to identify more with Setsu because I am carefree, who has not tried much in life, for whom things are relatively simple and without motivation. What I can say about Kaito is that he takes away his frustrations with Sawamura, he wants to be him and take the opportunity. That is understandable, but is Sawamura's life a bad one?

And by life I mean way of thinking or acting or being, and when I see Kaito, his own thinking affects him too and causes him pain. Both suffer somehow for who they are, but in Kaito, which extends to more areas of life, only one in Setsu, but that is the door for the rest. However, things can be simpler than stated.

Eventually, after they become friends, Sawamura becomes very sensitive to him when he forces Kaito and Rai to change hers shamisen for a physical matter. This shows his maturity and that he really cares about the team, a very good move that doesn’t miss the way he is.

A story and the grandfather

Hiroshi tells them a story about him shamisen and life itself. We already know the story, so let's talk about it. In principle, it is a basic narrative in the sense that it tells how the style they inherit (the Tsugaru Shamisen). To play well it is not necessary to see and vision is a limitation. We must remember that the conclusion is that the style in which they are formed is a style of freedom, so blindness is important, because with your eyes you see a score and with them you see what leads to complications, how at Maeda. In short, you need to do more than just think (the eyes are associated with thinking as the ability to form images).

The five senses are connected to the experimental, as a window to know the world. When we talk about music, we live it more than we experience it. The joy it gives us, sadness or some other emotion, that is where the essence lies, or at least what it gives us to understand. And that is exactly the last message from the grandfather: but the most important lesson is this reaction of those who hear me. And that response is emotional, not rational.

Decisions made

At the end of this trip we have Kaito, Maeda, Yui and Sawamura with solutions to their conflicts. Most relevant, however, will be Setsu, as she is the protagonist who set out to take part in the individual competition. This is already a big advance that came in a way and was cooked over very low heat. The fact that Maeda was the first to find out about Setsu's decision is important, which makes her a little more relevant since she was the one who came up with the push because of her grandmother. Though, for me, the one who really threw Setsu out of the ravine was Yuna (I have a feeling that at the beginning the manga may not have planned the line we're seeing).

Maybe the chapter was better adapted, I don't know, I haven't read the manga, but if so, I hope they follow that line. The only thing I would ask is a little more development from Yui, Rai and Umeko and everything would be great, although they work in such a way that only Rai leaves me with some doubts. Good chapter, entertaining and great game from Setsu, excellent and emotional.


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