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Chapter 7: wind

Matsugoro Championship Day. Setsu leaves early and is fired by the landlord and his daughter, who promise him a great banquet. Everything about this place looks majestic and nothing small, so Yui gives the uniforms to make it stand out more. Mai Tanuma (MaiMai) wants to get into the singles, but for a time she couldn't, out of schedule. Her mother arrives and finds Umeko, who has a little argument. The competition begins and several groups show up while Setsu disappears and if she has a fight with Kai the misunderstanding persists then they fix themselves and prepare for the competition.

Chapter Opinion

This is one of the chapters that I consider transitional, so I don't expect anything extraordinary from you. By taking that point, the chapter has fulfilled itself, even a little more than it should be for some little things. Although the chapter did not give much, some things were even repeated. What was added was very good and engaging, mostly related to Umeko who appears to have won an enemy and who is having an argument with her other son. That is what caught my attention the most. I saw Setsu with Kai repetitively, only this time developing more than both, it was just Setsu that we learned more about. Then we have the meeting of the virtual friends: Yui and MeiMei. I liked that, his kind of friendship.

The other groups deserve special mention, some of which are picturesque. We are faced with three main "enemies": Kaji, Ushio and Souichi. We don't know enough about them to have a positive or negative opinion. I just hope that will be worked on in the remaining chapters.

The competition

This is not the typical competition we usually see in anime of this genre and style. The competition is very noticeable, it is a staging in the full sense of the word. This is largely thanks to Umeko, who transfers their own style to the competition. Also, in this scene, her father's name may become more important (does love for her father imply wanting to give him the fame he deserves?). There's a big budget for an event of this type, it's a fictional series so I'm not going to think much about this topic. The introduction to the event, the reception, the rooms shown and much more show a lot of details that can put the participants under greater pressure. It's a lot easier to play a small event than a big one.

Virtual friendships, groups and mothers

Mai Tanuma and Yui, friends who met online and finally see each other in reality. At first they see themselves as enemies, then it is shown that these ways of being are what they like about the other, but the same personalities make them enemies again, more than anything, because Mai is focused on Setsu.

Of the groups shown, only two stood out, that of Kaji because of his interpretation and direction and that of the Idols of shamisen. That was surprising because they're usually taken very seriously, but this addition shows something (and I hope I'm not far-fetched): trying to save culture from culture.Meiji in current standards.

Mai and Setsu's mothers meet. Apparently Mai knows Umeko, in the end she is a media figure, but the latter, I would say, is not interested in her, but in her daughter. What he said to her doesn't seem to be a mistake. Umeko fears that Setsu will not win because she prepared this competition as a window for him to represent his grandfather and with it his legacy.

Previous encumbrances

The thing about Setsu and Kai is already being repeated, I understand the tensions remain, but there is something in Kai's demeanor that doesn't quite suit me. From what I saw in the last chapter, I thought things would get calmer between the two because that's what they showed that Kai Setsu understood. If they didn't show anything in the middle, it's like it doesn't match. While this is an excuse for Wakana to explain that Setsu plays depending on their mood, which we already knew, they didn't. This fight suits her personality, but it seemed somewhat constrained by the above. I won't go into any further detail on Setsu as I think that all of us who follow the anime already know what about him and something has already been mentioned on the subject in previous reviews.

Aside from Kai and Setsu's argument, we can't agree, the rest was fine. Kaji's performance was good, but I didn't feel like it was the best we've seen or that it lived up to previous ones. I hope there will be better presentations too.


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