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Chapter 10: Mountain Wind

The individual competition begins, its forty participants ring out at different times and with the same goal. But tensions are there for everyone, some more serious than others, such as Setsu's complicated fatherly relationship with Ryuugen Kamiki, a master of shamisen. Umeko calls this topic to talk and without achieving anything, they say goodbye to each other because of his own wishes regarding Sawamura. The competition does not end because of problems with the organizer, the former suffered the jury, the latter will be the best. They play Ushio and Kaji, the first for fun, the second not to be left behind and to show that they can be better. But no matter how hard he tried, the extra force worked against him and shut down his instrument due to a mistake.

Chapter opinion

In broad terms, really very interesting what is to be appreciated. As I suspected Umeko was hiding or having something, and it turned out to be more like Setsu's father. I was too surprised, I didn't understand until Yui said it (especially that Setsu and Mai are siblings). There is more to be said, but it will be added later. The chapter felt fluid, although there are small details that could feel better or develop something different, but overall very balanced between drama, humor and shamises. I felt like the visual quality stayed the same, although sometimes it was missing. Finally the musical part, it feels different to play in a group than alone, it depends a lot on the artist to fill these gaps and I think he showed himself very well: the former were boring, too much, the latter are better and it shows. The next chapter will most likely touch Sawamura and Souichi or they will split up, but it will be unforgettable.


What is friendship Over time, different people have tried to define it, and every word in every other language has its meaning. Notice, in Japanese the friend has to do with the one who helps, who helps. But the friendship continues and Souichi shows a more radical facet: viewing a stranger as a friend. Why? Because you can identify with him and although they don't know each other, they are close because of the common taste. Souichi regards Setsu as a friend, feels understood and, despite everything, trustworthy.

It's funny to analyze this because Souichi is a strange character. Withdrawn and speaks in references he can understand as well as good at shamisen. Perhaps, while not detailed, he could be on the autism spectrum, or just be a self-indulgent genius. Both options won't take away your credit or stop showing you off as interesting.

More than friends

It is a little stronger than friends when they join blood ties. This would initially be the brotherhood, but Setsu and Souichi are not, they are brothers, but by adoption, especially Mai and Souichi were adopted by Sawamura's father Ryuugen Kamiki and his new wife. There seems to be no good relationship between the members of Setsu's nuclear family, at best between the blood brothers. This family drama is too interesting for me to put aside, because: What motivated the separation between Umeko and Kamiki? How did that affect Setsu? Do his parents see him as an object or as a real son? between many other things.

Souichi accidentally had a brother, but did he know it was them? Both he and Mai seem to be ignoring it, unlike Setsu and Wakana, who already knew. But if the adoptees knew, this rivalry that May is having would be much more understandable. Is that why Souichi calls him a friend? I doubt it.

Finally I found out about it so suddenly, even though the ground was being prepared for us, but I didn't see it coming, I liked it. It's something that is based on assumptions, we have to use creativity to twist things together and when it comes it will surprise you. The moment wasn't dramatic, yes tense, but it was like something "normal" in the sense that it was treated centrally as something else, which also seems positive to me because they have their own history and previous deals, exaggeratedly drama would have seemed more wrong to me.


Let's not let the competition distract us. Aside from the boring, there are also the interesting ones, including Ushio. It sounded good, a style of his own in which he can be himself and have fun. I get it well because this is how I am, when there is no fun it is just a hassle, when there is no pleasure it is something that is given up. Just because it is so does it attract attention, which is also why it finds admirers. Even if it's serious, showing joy is contagious and makes something boring transform and be eye-catching and interesting; "Why does he like to do this?" Someone might ask. He enjoys it because he does it that way, it's the best I can answer.

Winner sound

Setsu wonders, "What will a winner sound like?" Regarding Souichi, but the one who followed was Kaji, the group's winner. He's a winner, in the end he won with his group. He's the best of them too. He just missed something for Ushio to contact, the feeling of touching with the present feelings. His teacher showed him this by showing him a video of Souichi (this makes his closeness to Setsu more meaningful, they both play according to their emotions). Finally Kaji played with everything: technique, skill and feeling. In general, the worst that can happen is that the happier you are, the more it can end abruptly. The string break ends with its interpretation and with the chapter; a sigh of resignation.

Both really good blocks. He left wanting more, even though I'm personally more interested in family dramas. Let's hope that the interpretation of the missing is very worthy, because they made my emotions grow. Let's enjoy what we're doing.


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