On the official page for the animated adaptation of the manga by HiRock and illustrated by Shinya komi, EX-ARMDetails of the compilation of the project's Blu-ray BOX package have been revealed. It should be noted that the information about the compilations has not yet been published.

The Blu-ray BOX package will be released in Japan on July 21st and will contain all twelve episodes of the series, which are approximately 300 minutes long. The price of the package is 30,800 yen (about $ 296) and the additional benefits that come with it have not been disclosed.

On the other hand, the series was broadcast in Japan during the winter season 2021 (January-March) Crunchyroll Simulcasting in the West as part of their "Crunchyroll Originals" line. The series has a notorious reputation for its poor animation work, which comes from a production team made up mostly of newbies.

Production team

  • Yoshikatsu Kimura was responsible for directing the anime in the studios Visual flight.
  • Tommy Morton was responsible for writing and overseeing the scripts.
  • Sou Kimura was responsible for the composition of the soundtrack.
  • The band Airflip played the opening song titled "Rise Again" while the band played Dizzying sun fist played the final song entitled "Diamonds Shine".

EX-ARM synopsis

2014: Akira Natsume appears to have an almost phobia of electronic devices while being very good at diagnosing it. One day he decides to change clothes to look better and have a girlfriend, just like his older brother ... However, Akira suddenly dies in an accident. 16 years later, a special police officer and her Android companion recover and activate a sophisticated artificial intelligence and super weapon called the EX-ARM, giving her full control of her ship as a last resort. It turns out that the AI ​​is actually Akira's mind!

Fountain: Comic Natalie

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