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Chapter 4: Dawn of Spring

The memories of the grandfather's attack and his commitment make him think about it. Setsu asks her brother to record this Shungyou grandfather's practice of being able to touch and brighten an old woman's existence while having himself. In full practice, he loses focus, questions himself, and a stranger saves him by encouraging him and giving him a handmade chicken. Then he will find out his name is Rai. The day comes, Maeda's grandmother comes patiently and without Anima catchable, but suddenly Setsu begins her role. Winter and miserable memories come, but the present is warm and comforting. Grandmother's soul returned to her. The boys will still be in the club, only they are allowed to be under Umeko's intentions.

Chapter Opinion

I swear I'm trying to get chapter one out, which I found great, so that I can be more objective with each chapter individually. One of the things I can "measure" by whether the chapter is interesting is whether or not I need to pause to write because in every review I write the events down to remember and appreciate them, and I paused a little in this chapter. I feel something contradicting itself, I have a feeling that it is progressing quickly but slowly. The latter is due to the fact that the problem of finding your own sound is very present and even somewhat redundant, although Setsu has made progress in this regard. Fast, because the thing with the grandmother, who I thought would need a little more time and development, maybe to learn a little more about Maeda. The second half seemed to be the most interesting to me, the inclusion of Rai (whom I loved for the chicken), Setsu's performance, and memories of Grandma. It's not a bad chapter, I'd say it was regular with a great second part.

Just to add, it seems to me that short developments are done very well, but long topics become very redundant. I don't know if they think the same way.

Your own sound!

Again this topic, which cannot be badly addressed, but it seems to me that it is overworked, very repetitive, and setsu reduced to it without showing any other interesting nuance, for example her mother's abandonment (which I think she will be mentioned later). Today, however, Setsu has taken some steps in overcoming it. After listening to the Shungyou With Kaito, he understands that the piece is complex. After Rai leaves, Setsu says in loneliness that he has to put his grandfather's feelings aside in his own music, but the fear does not go away, he does not want to disappoint and wants to please and brings Kamiki's words back to the truth: Setsu only grows with that Publicity.

I check there I do not use Shigatsu wa kimi, Arima's words can be applied to this moment: Is it wrong to play for / by someone?

A grandfather and a grandmother

Grandma came to school and Setsu greeted her and asked if she was still alive and playing. Maeda's grandmother brings those distant moments of happiness after the loss of her father into the present. Setsu's grandfather was a boy who hiked with his shamisen and the six year old girl arrived in town, she saw that no one was helping him and she was the only one who gave him a potato that she kept in exchange for her to play a piece on her worn and battered instrument. There was the interpretation of Shungyo. He was crying, she was no longer interested in life, and so they both comforted each other in their loneliness. "You have to live", these words of the wretched drove her through her long life.

The same but different; identical and unequal

Although we don't know anything about music, we know that every song has a score that must be followed for proper interpretation. The detail is that not every artist's interpretation is the same. A sad melody can have a happy sound depending on the instrument and how it is played. It very much depends on the interpreter's state of mind, practice, skills, etc. All of this is in the "own sound" that the anime talks about. The grandmother admitted that it is the same song, but at the same time it is not the same, because her interpretation has different feelings and abilities, it is more technical than that of Setsu. You have to look like your grandmother, not be a purist and enjoy the work because the artist puts his soul into you.

It seems that Rai is going to be an interesting character and I already liked him, not so much for what he said to Setsu, but for the chicken because there is nothing better than chicken. Kamiki also confidently recognized Setsu's overwhelming potential. Finally Umeko, Umeko, Umeko, what are you up to? The most certain is that we will see competition. Wait for the next chapter.


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