During his life Oden Kozuki sailed on the most important ships of his time. In the flashback that was central to the final episodes of ONE PIECE, we saw him face and befriend Whitebeard and then do the same with Gol D. Roger. With the latter he traveled all over the world and reached the last island.

Now that Oden Kozuki completes Roger’s story of his execution, all he has to do is think about what’s going on in his country. The land of Wano was reduced to a landfill by the current Shogun Orochi, who managed to turn it into an arms factory for Kaido while retaining the rightful heir to the throne. All Oden could do was watch and play along until some events moved the situation.

The ONE PIECE 972 trailers shows us what will happen after the final stance of Oden and his Red Foders. The former pirate has decided to finally face Kaido and his crew to break the yoke they have placed on the legendary land of the samurai. As the video below shows, Oden and the others will find themselves next to an unexpected ally who will aid them against Kaido.

We know, however, that the battle will not be a harbinger of victory for the land of Wano as Kaido still dominates in the present. ONE PIECE 972 will be released on Crunchyroll next week.

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