There are bad guys who become icons even with little time. In the case of the Hunter x Hunter antagonists, their poor looks are more due to Togashi's posting pace due to back pain than anything else. Among the characters who made the protagonists have nightmares there are undoubtedly Hisoka Morow.

Crazy character with a clownish appearance and introduced from the opening lines of Hunter x Hunter, he is an enigmatic and shady character who appears to be Target the protagonist Gon Freecs from their first meeting. Although he is not the strongest character in Hunter x Hunter, at least for the time being, he has shown excellent fighting skills against various opponents who are even more powerful than him.

Its colors have changed several times over time, although they did consolidate with the 2010s anime Hisoka wears red hair, a tattoo of a red star on the right cheek and a greenish tear on the left cheek that ends with a light dress embossed with a thorn and flower - two of the French card suits - and a purple shirt.

Andrasta decided to bring this character to life, but in the feminine: below we can admire this Hisoka cosplay perfectly processed from the cosplayer. Not only the clothes, but also the expression reveals the desire and sadism of the character.

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