Netflix has been dedicated to the world of anime for several years, focusing on bringing well-known titles but also producing new ones. So, over time, the original Netflix anime has multiplied, and soon another will be added to the catalog, signed by one of the masters of Japanese horror: the mangaka Junji Ito.

Netflix will release Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tale of the Macabre, a series of self-contained episodes based on the chapters of the same name from the various volumes of Ito. In fact, the mangaka has brought to life many unique stories that are not connected to the others, thus creating a variety of different stories but always with horror as the main trend.

The exit of is near Junji Ito madman on Netflix, scheduled for January 2023. That's why the streaming service has been gradually sharing trailers over the past few weeks to show which stories are being adapted. In the new video, Netflix highlights that Story "Tomie: photo"which also reveals the titles of five other stories that will be included:

  • Tunnel Kitan (The Story of the Mysterious Tunnel);
  • kabi (mold);
  • Kyofu no Juso (Layers of Fear);
  • Hyochakumono (The Floating Thing);
  • Rojiura (back alley).

Are you ready to get into it? Horror Stories along with Netflix and Junji Ito? A few weeks ago the opening of Junji Ito Maniac was also released.

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