Almost six months have passed since the announcement of the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man, edited by the guys at Studio MAPPA and taken from the incredible manga by Tatuski Fujimoto. Fortunately, a new update arrived a few hours ago confirming this Trailer and many new details will be revealed during the MAP Stage 2021.

The MAP Stage 2021 is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, and only a few months ago we speculated about the possible exchange of new information on many upcoming series, including Attack of the Giants 4 and the chainsaw man himself Apparently the president of the studio Manabu Otsuka will present the dark fantasy anime.

For now, the only official confirmation is the trailer's release, but considering the anime will be released later in 2021 We can also take the publication of the publication date for grantedor at least the time when the first season begins. Usually, MAPPA also reveals the cast and staff who are at work during the presentation so we can expect an avalanche of information. We remind you of this The MAP phase is planned for June 27, 2021.

And what do you think? Are you waiting for Chainsaw Man? Let us know in the comments! For the latest information on Fujimoto's manga, see the interview last April, in which the author talked about the anime and part 2 of the manga.

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