One of the reasons anime can have such a large audience lies in the ability of Japanese authors to create series "for everyone", able to influence adults, adolescents and children alike. The situation varies slightly by analyzing the cartoons made in the USA, and recently a fan imagined a nice crossover.

Doodlelotl, a young artist of Finnish descent, made a number of color sketches depicting the My Hero Academia protagonists in the style of Cartoon Network, with a quality that is very reminiscent of the character designs of series like "The Dark Adventures of Billy and Mandy", "Ed, Edd & Eddy" and "Cow and Chicken". Many of us grew up with these cartoons, in addition to the classic "SpongeBob" or "Fairly Oddparents". So we are sure that the sketches will awaken many memories in you too.

My hero academia, today, is one of the most popular cartoon series in the world, fourth for the box office after Dragon Ball, ONE PIECE and Demon Slayer. The influence of this and other anime is also clearly visible in American animation, which has come closer and closer to Japanese animation in recent years. Suggestions for mature and very successful series like Invincible or Castlevania.

And what do you think about it Do you like these sketches Tell us in the comments! In the meantime, we take this opportunity to remind you There The fifth season of My Hero Academia will soon be halfway throughand that the best of season 5 is yet to come.

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