Taika WaititiThe director of Thor and Jojo Rabbit has been haunted by the paparazzi for several months for his alleged relationship with the famous singer Rita Ora. The director is currently in Australia and in a recent issue of the British newspaper Metro was immortalized during a romantic date with the singer.

But why should we care about the director's love life? You can find the answer in the picture below. Waititi indeed, has decided to go to the appointment wearing a real Mugiwara garment: A sweater with Luffy's face. The director's choice unleashed the hilarity of the web and thousands of users have complimented the director for his excellent taste on the subject.

According to Metro, the director appeared on a date with the singer in cute anime clothes and later went to a bar for a drink with another popular actress, Tessa Thompson, the star of her upcoming film Thor: Love and Thunder. Waititi has expressed his love for anime several times in the pastand repeatedly said he was interested in directing live action from Akira.

And what do you think about it Are you a fan of the New Zealand director? Let us know in the comments! In the meantime, we'd like to remind you that Waititi isn't the only famous character who appreciates anime: a few days ago, for example, French President Emmanuel Macron asked followers to help them decide which to watch.

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