DC Comics: Harlety Quinn’s animated series tells the new “origins” of the Joker

The animated series of the DC Comics, which revolves around the character of Harley Quinn, told in the previous episode of the unpublished origins of Joker. The story of his past draws on what in recent years has been narrative in television series, comics and cinema.

Basically, Joker tells Harley that he has never been loved by his parents, that he never received any kind of attention from them. Because of this, he used to spend his time with one of his most important affections, his cat Mr. Ferris. One evening when the mother was not present in the house, however, the little Joker stumbles upon his father's study by chance, surprising him with the maid. The latter reacts furiously to drive him away to his room.

However, the words that the Joker speaks to Harley are false. In fact, the antagonist narrated the origins of Poison Ivy by passing them off as his own, so as to deceive Arkham's psychiatrist.

The next morning, Mr. Ferris' cage was empty, and his father - with a crazy smile - begins to hit his son in the face, causing him the serious injuries he still bears today.

DC social media channels shared the scene on Twitter, sparking the reaction of the fans, who flocked to the comments section to express their views on the past of the Prince of Crime. The series' executive producers, Patrck Schumacher and Justin Hapern, also discussed the Comicbook.com episode on microphones:

"We will also make an episode focused on a flashback, which is a bit of a tribute to Batman: The Animated Series, revisits and reworks the history of Harley's origins with both the Joker and Ivy. Schumacker revealed. in the ear. There's a big revelation about the legitimacy of Harley's feelings towards Joker. "

Batman: the three Joker has been postponed. DC Comics has announced a new release date for the Geoff Johns miniseries. To support local retailers, DC Comics' Jim Lee auctioned a stunning illustration of Aquaman.

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