In the first chapters of My Hero Academia, if there is one character that stands out most of all to the reader's eye, it is All Might. Although the hero is the result of a strong western influence of superhero culture, he retains a unique personality and pleasantness that make him one of the most appreciated of the whole work.

Unluckily, All Might in the last sagas had to step aside. His confrontation with All For One was his last testament, and from that moment the hero took a secondary position in the narrative plot of the manga.

His relationship with Deku evolved even further to become almost paternal. The former Peace Symbol is now focused on training and growing your pupil. Although Deku has inherited such a strong power, the road to 100% control of the One For All is still dotted with difficulties, and with the constant danger of the League of Villain on the horizon, the figure of All Might is of fundamental importance for him.

An artist from Reddit, whose username is 453IKG, shared a nice illustration that blends the Symbol of Peace together and one of the best known faces of Cartoon Network, Johnny Bravo. The similarity between the two is evident, especially in the hair and in the confident and bold attitude, therefore the idea of ​​the user, together with the execution, is definitely spot on.

What do you think of this unexpected crossover? Tell us below in the comments!

Since we are on the subject, we cannot fail to point out the best quotes from All Might in My Hero Academia. The last animated iteration of Studio Bones has now ended, and on the pages of Everyeye we have made the review of the fourth season of My Hero Academia.

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