Episode 972 of ONE PIECE marked a point of no return in the flashback dedicated to Kozuki Oden, who for several weeks has been fully occupied with the animated implementation of the work created by Eiichiro Oda, and in the next episode the fate of the legendary samurai of the land of Wa will be fulfilled.

Oden showed his incredible willpower and sword skills in the spectacular confrontation with Kaido, in which he also managed to inflict the huge cruciform scar on him. The collision born from the Rebellion of the Samurai and his loyal Nine Red Sheaths against the tyranny imposed on Wano by the perfidious Orochi and by the emperor himself, the captain of the pirates of the hundred beasts, ended in the defeat of Oden and his companions sentenced to public execution.

After specifying what the phrase was supposed to consist of, namely to burn in a vat of boiling oil, Episode 972 also focused on the plans Orochi and Kaido had come up with to take complete control of Wano. Confident that he can do it, Oden proposes a compromise to the two tyrants that will lead them to a decision a time limit within which he and the Nine Red Foders in the tank can resistand ask for freedom in exchange if they manage to survive the terrible torture. The Shogun and the Emperor accept the proposal and begin the closing lines of the flashback dedicated to the legendary Kozuki Oden.

Remember, in Chapter 1012, an unforgivable gesture sparked the counterattack, and we'll leave you up to the ranking of the members of the CP9, from the weakest to the strongest.

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