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Chapter 8: fretboard

Maeda is nervous, Yui tries to calm her down, but she is nervous herself, she just doesn't show it. Ushio's team play and stand out as they want. The pressure on Yui continues to decrease because she feels like she pushed her to do it, and most importantly, because she wants to support Maeda, her fear brings the memories back. It's time for MaiMay, together with his group they have a wonderful presentation in which they challenge the traditional and are highly applauded. This brings the weaker elements of Sawamura's group to a standstill, but tries to cheer them up. Setsu asks Rai to do something unorthodox after agreeing to have them rush on stage.

Chapter Opinion

Something I wanted to highlight was the little work they put into Yui that I really like, more than Maeda. Here they partially developed her, which is satisfactory but based on her friend and in my opinion took away some of the character's charm. You can't tell why, because this personality was half the size of Maeda from childhood. Do they complement each other? Yes, but I feel like the typical relationship seen in various anime. Another character I really like is Rai, but he is a mystery himself. This makes me say that the group's relationship seems a bit artificial to me, at least for now, but that it works.

Another thing I think is important, don't you think that some scenes appear like short films of around 3 or 5 minutes? Especially when it comes to joke closings, like when Rai tells it Sensei Don't talk to them like they've already lost and then they look down. Animation helps me see it that way. Speaking of which, there seems to be a huge change in quality to me. Before MaiMai plays, Setsu and her group met and the face of the man teaching them was shown. I noticed it with a very good quality, but when the group shows up it's like "What happened?" I hope I wasn't the only one to see this.

Previous riots

There will always be a nerve before showing up, especially those who are less used to it or where it is their first or last chance. It's least used when the thought "I don't wanna screw anything" comes to light. This is what happens to Yui and Maeda, although they both have their differences: the little one because of the personality she shows, the one with the glasses because of things she does not show. This will be cleared up when you both open up. But the harmony should not last, otherwise there will be no tension and when MaiMai has finished playing, the restlessness will return in Kaito, Maeda and Yui. What made you do that? Sensei It's a great way to relax, something fun and distracting is the best option. I haven't seen this in other animes that show the concerns of those who are not important. It's something I'd like to see (it's not a claim, it's a curiosity).

Challenge to the traditional

Last review I mentioned anything about Idols that they were shown how to play and how that is a kind of survival of Japanese culture / tradition. Her sound was kept up to date, her dress wasn't. In the case of MaiMai and Company, it's a different matter, namely: changing the sound under different non-traditional standards. In the second half of the game I was surprised because it was a more recognizable sound to me, it was like it sounded rocking. The entire second part of his interpretation is an adaptation of the shamisen to other parameters. This is something of the new generations, brave it Status quo from the accepted, from the traditional, from the conservative. Incidentally, the interpretation of MaiMai seemed to me to be the best of the chapter.


The challenge to the traditional or the already established can also be described as leaving the orthodox. That is, Setsu told Rai to try to do something new, or to try little. MaiMai inspired him to try this, as it was evident that only Rai could be told because of the low skill levels of the others. What will Sawamura want to do? We can only wait for the next chapter, but it has to be something more surprising than MaiMai that it surpasses it or that it is at its peak.

All that remains is to wait, I hope to hear a wonderful presentation because I don't expect to see much, that is, the quality of the animation can be ignored if the quality of the shamisen it is very good. What the Kami of shamisen want.


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