On the official page for the manga written and illustrated by Oh! Great, Air transmissionThe work has been reported to have a total of 18 million copies in circulation, collected in its 37 published compilation volumes.

Air transmission

Oh! Great began publishing the manga in the magazine Weekly Shonen Magazine from the publisher Kodansha in November 2002. The series ended on May 28, 2012 with chapter 357, but continued with a new chapter. At the end of chapter 358, the manga author told readers: 'Expect more from Air Gear".

The piece inspired an anime adaptation of 25 episodes and 4 specials produced by the studios. Toei animation, Headed by Hajime Kamegaki and scripts written by Clint Bickham, aired in Japan between April and September 2006.

Air Gear Synopsis

The story follows Ikki, nicknamed "Baby Face", a teenager who, after losing his parents, took over the running of the Noyamano family, four sisters who also have no parents. It's called Baby Face, the strongest in the eastern area. "

During a gang fight to see who runs the territory, a boy from the gang that Ikki just defeated threatens the East Guns (the gang that Ikki leads), saying that the skull cleaners will take revenge on them. So Ikki is attacked by the Skull Saders, who brutally beat him. That night someone wakes Ikki while he's sleeping. It's about Mikan, Ringo and Shiraume, who in flashy clothes and with Air Trecks invite Ikki to discover the world of the night.

Ikki wakes up thinking it was all a dream, but to his surprise, at the foot of his bed, he meets some ATs. Now you are just immersed in a new world that you will discover little by little.

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