As we saw in the latest trailer for Higurashi: When They Cry, the first season of the series was due to air in July but has been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. In the past few hours, the Passion Study has the new release date.

The remake of the anime from the Deen studio will therefore be broadcast immediately next October 1st, at 11:30 p.m. on Tokyo MX and BS11, Japan. The first season will consist of 14 episodes and the last will be broadcast again on the two television channels on January 7th. Plus all history buffs Keiichi Maebara will be able to read the manga drawn by Tomato Akase, which will be a transposition of the anime's events starting October 2nd. We will then learn a little more about the mysterious village of Hinamizawa, to which Keiichi has just moved, and the Watanagashi Festival, whereupon strange events occur.

At the bottom of the news you can find the new trailer which also confirms the return of some characters: We're talking about Kuraudo Ooishi, Jiro Tomitake, Miyo Takano and Kyosuke Irie voiced by Chafurin, Toru Ohkawa, Miki Ito and Toshihiko Seki, respectively. If you're looking for more news on the inspired seriesvisual novel of the same name Produced by 07th Expansion and Ryukishi07, we report on the first trailer for Higurashi: When They Cry.

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