With a world famous as that of ONE PIECE you have to be very careful in the production of transpositions. Be it for the anime or for the new ONE PIECE live action announced by Netflix, the fandom is quite demanding and expects a product that lives up to the name it bears. And it seems that Steven Maeda took the situation to heart.

The ONE PIECE live action seems ambitious and therefore it will be quite demanding to produce. The plots to be followed are many, the volumes to be read or the episodes to be watched are many, every single detail must be taken into account. The TotallyNotMark fan knows this well since he has decided to prepare a video for his channel where he talks about ONE PIECE.

Only in response to his tweet, where the user Mark mentions that he is doing nothing but thinking, reading, watching, dreaming ONE PIECE, one of the showrunner Steven Maeda. The man in charge of bringing ONE PIECE into the world in flesh and blood has made it clear with a few words how passionate he is for the project.

So far there is no news for the casting of ONE PIECE which could already trigger the wrath of the fans, while according to some rumors the plot of the first saga of the live action will be different.

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