Dragon Ball Super: Superhero It was a brave film in many ways. First, the total use of CG for the characters and for the animations, and second, the decision to bring two characters that became secondary in the manga, Gohan and Piccolo, back into the spotlight and even give them new shapes.

To deal with the threat posed by the New Red Ribbon Army and the final villain, the controversial and controversial Cell Max, both Gohan and his close friend and former mentor Piccolo were forced to tap into new powers. The Saiyan managed to unleash the form called the Gohan Beast, and Makoto Nozawahistorical voice actress of Goku, Gohan and Goten, commented on this transformation by saying: "It looks fantastic! He usually spends his time studying books and he doesn't argue much, though still remains incredibly strong. After all, he is Goku's son.”

While at Orange Piccolo Toshio Furukawawho has been giving a voice to the Nameks for more than 30 years had something to say: "Orange Piccolo isn't a great name, is it? I wore an orange shirt today. You keep seeing more characters evolving and transforming, right? Well, Piccolo has no hair. I always thought, "Maybe one day". but now i am so happy."

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