My Hero Academia: Endeavor and All Might cosplayers are returning from a bloody battle

The numerous cosplay dedicated to My Hero Academia testify to the great success enjoyed by the series born from the mind of Kohei Horikoshi. This time the fans decided to wear the clothes of All Might and Endeavor.

At the bottom of the news you will find the post shared on Instagram in which the two cosplayer @akitacosplay and @_karfunkel_ have decided to give birth to two of the most famous superheroes of the manga. The photo shows Endeavor and All Might after a bloody clash, as can be seen from the blood that covers the face of the Symbol of Peace and for its costume full of stains and tears. Fans of the animated series enjoyed the image and in particular the complicated design of Endeavor, recreated to perfection from the cosplayer.

The photo has received over a thousand likes and numerous comments, in the meantime fans of the work created by the Japanese mangaka are waiting for the fifth season, which will show us the next challenges that Midoriya and her friends will have to overcome, in their fight against the criminals with superpowers. We do not yet know when the next unpublished episodes will be available, in the meantime we report the latest official updates on the status of the works of My Hero Academia 5.

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