We continue to find out some background on the history of Pokémon: after talking about the Ash's story, this time the authors wanted to reveal some details about one of the most famous Pokémon of the first generation.

One of the Twitter accounts dedicated to the world protagonist of Nintendo video games shared a message on the famous social platform, revealing to his numerous followers what the designers of Game Freak to create the famous Pokémon Nidoking. Here is the tweet that you can read in the original language at the bottom of the news: "Game Freak developers are big fans of Godzilla and it seems that for Nidoking they were inspired by the Baragon design seen in Frankenstein Conquers the World. Frankenstein should have fought against Godzilla in this 1965 film, but during production Godzilla was replaced with Baragon".

In another message, the account reveals that Baragon also appeared in later films, in which the monster's design was slightly modified since its debut in 1965. The tweet was particularly appreciated by fans of the show, receiving more than a thousand Likes and almost three hundred comments.

If you are interested in other curiosities about the series, we report this news about a promise from the Pokémon director.

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