The restart of the first series of Digimon, Digimon Adventure 2020 continues to surprise long-time fans of the brand with an unexpected and rapid sequence of increasingly powerful developments for the little monsters of DigiPrecelti. In the thirteenth episode there was a scene that was quite reminiscent of the Terminator film series

Subsequently Mimi and Palmon are separated from the rest of the groupafter falling into the ruins. One of them wakes up in the ruins of old Digimon and wakes up and tries to attack them. Fortunately, an old Guardromon intervenes in their defense and thus begins the clash between the two.

The opponent, a Andromonis in itself a clear reference to the Terminator science fiction film series, but in addition to that obvious reference in the episode, it's possible to find other elements that unite the two works. The two Digimon actually seem to be programmed in a certain way. Guardromon can restartand at the same time his programming is changed, as it was done to protect Mimi, while Andromon has only one task: to eliminate the intruders at all costs.

At the end Guardromon sacrifices himself to protect Mimi and Palmon from the unstoppable Andromon, a clear reference to Terminator, where the old model of a machine protects a person from the newest and most powerful model. At the bottom of the page we also reported the final part of the battle, in which even Andromon, before he is defeated, appears to be more than simple lines of code.

Keep in mind that a beautiful Omegamon figure is about to be available and that some fans are wondering if Digimon Adventure 2020 isn't all too different from the original.

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