Not always sure of himself, Luke Skywalker, one of the greatest and most powerful Jedi in all of the history of the Order, and in the newest volume to be released in the new series of war of stars the horrific impact that the clash with Darth Vader in Cloud City, featured in The Empire Strikes Back, had some key decisions.

Continuation with the narration of the great crossover event “The war and the bounty hunters“Luke knows that Vader is on the trail of Han Solo, trapped in a carbonite plate that fell into the hands of the criminal organization Crimson Dawn. Knowing that the Sith Han are getting closer and closer, Luke goes to Jekara, and in a short conversation with R2-D2 we discover that Vader’s fear is omnipresent in everything he does.

When Luke thinks back to the battle in Cloud City, Luke lingers on a rather relevant peculiarity, he can no longer clearly perceive his first teacher, Ben, in the Force. “I can feel it, but it’s like … it’s static. I can’t reach Ben. There is something and I think I know what it is. fear. “ So Luke comments on the droid, emphasizing how his father undermined confidence in his abilities.

When he thinks back to the duel, Luke imagines what it would be like to face again after several training sessions. For the first time, he imagines fighting it with his new yellow lightsaber, thanks to which he manages to cut off his right hand and return the blow months before. While Skywalker’s fantasy is running his thoughts are interrupted by Vader himselfwho forcibly notifies the Jedi that he wants to cut Han Solo in two.

Luke takes his friend’s place, is scared and bitterly decides not to approach the Sith. Han. give up effectively.

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