While the complete spoilers of chapter 282 of My hero academia The fans were shocked by the events in the previous one. The narrative arc of the war to liberate the paranormal has actually reached one of its most intense moments and also shows us a momentary development of the powers of Midoriya.

Although Eraserhead managed to contain the new powers of Tomura Shigaraki, the villain again proved to be a terrible and dangerous opponent even under these conditions. In revenge, Shigaraki beat Gran Torino after delivering a monologue that destroyed the Hero Society and caused his death.

The moment the Pro Hero fell to the ground Izuku Midoriya, Driven by anger, he literally hit Shigaraki and showed an impressive increase in power while using One For All. Goku had reaction when Freeza killed Krillin in front of him, which then led to the famous transformation into Super Saiyan.

The relationship between Gran Torino and Midoriya cannot be compared to that between the two students of Master Roshi from Dragon Ball, but we know that The former hero was an important mentor for Deku. His death could therefore represent a definitive improvement for the protagonist.

What do you think of this parallel to Dragon Ball? Would you have preferred another scene to see a new Deku upgrade? Let us know with a comment below.

Recall that Tokoyami came to life in a brilliant cosplay and that we may see a well-known hero withdraw from the scene.

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